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Welsh Language

The Welsh Language Act 1993 established the principle that in the conduct of public business and the administration of justice in Wales the English and Welsh languages are to be treated on a basis of equality.

HMCS has adopted the above principle and its Welsh Language Scheme (PDF 499Kb) sets out how it will give effect to that principle when providing services to the public in Wales.

Simultaneous translation will be provided when the Welsh language is used in a case in Wales.

We answer the telephone with a bilingual greeting.

We have a free telephone Helpline for Welsh speakers (0800 212368) that can answer general enquiries in Welsh about High Court, county court Crown Court and Magistrates' Courts matters. We also have a Jurors Helpline (0800 590416) dedicated to answering enquiries in Welsh from people summoned for jury service.

This notice explains our Welsh Language service (PDF 129Kb)

Magistrates' Courts Protocol for Listing Cases where the Welsh Language is used

We welcome correspondence in Welsh.

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