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Welcome to the 36th edition of Transport Statistics Great Britain.

Transport Statistics Great Britain (TSGB) is a major publication within the scope of National Statistics and provides an accurate, comprehensive and meaningful picture of transport patronage in Great Britain. In many cases statistics publications during the year provide the first release of data and these are consolidated into the TSGB tables. TSGB is a snapshot of the latest data available at the time of publication. Many of the tables will be updated when later data becomes available.

The latest information from TSGB

Latest update: 25 November 2010

Summary of highlights

  • In 2009 there were 2.1 million take-offs and landings and 218 million terminal passengers at UK airports.
  • In 2009, the level of domestic freight was at broadly the same level as in 1989, at around 220 billion tonnes kilometres. Since the late-1980s, more than 60 per cent of goods have been moved by road.
  • Motor vehicle traffic volume in 2009 was 313.2 billion vehicle miles, more than 10 times the volume in 1949.
  • In 2009 reported road casualties of all severities were 35 per cent lower than in 1990, although traffic has grown by 22 per cent over the same period.

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The tables listed below under individual topic areas may be updated during the year as new data becomes available. The tables and documents contained within these zip files will not be updated and represent the TSGB information and data as published on 25 November 2010.

TSGB tables, charts and maps

The links below are to the tables, maps and charts that make up the TSGB publication and provide further details on the topics covered in the TSGB statistical release. Please refer to the notes on the tables themselves and the technical information documents further down this web page.

The tables listed below are updated during the year as new data becomes available. The complete set of tables and documents as published on 25 November 2010 are available to download as ZIP files.

Passenger transport

Expenditure and investment

Transport related employment

General and transport indices


Activities at United Kingdom airports

Major international airports and airlines

Casualties and incidents

Energy and environment

Transport energy consumption

Greenhouse gas emissions from transport

Local pollution from transport




Inland coastal waters



Public transport

National and light rail

Coaches, buses and taxis

Roads and traffic

Roads and traffic

Road length

Traffic speed

Expenditure and road condition

Transport accidents and casualties

Accidents and casualties

Motor vehicle offences


Vehicles currently licensed

MOT testing schemes

Private motoring

International comparisons

Technical information

These documents give further details on the data underlying the tables contained in TSGB as well as a list of contacts for subject areas and a look up table that gives the TSGB old table number with the new reference number for the table.

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