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In line with the government's agenda for greater transparency, we are pleased to make the following information available.

More data will be added over time. We're also experimenting with ways to make the information easier to access and understand, and we'd like to hear your ideas and suggestions. Please go to The National Archives Labs to leave comments.

Historic Combined Online Information System (COINS) spending data

COINS is used by the Treasury to collect financial data from across the public sector. The data is used for fiscal management, producing Parliamentary Supply Estimates and public expenditure statistics, preparing Whole of Government Accounts and meeting data requirements of the Office for National Statistics.

This spreadsheet gives the most recent actual and forecast income and expenditure for the current financial year that The National Archives has submitted to Treasury.

COINS spending data spreadsheet (XLS, 0.04Mb)

ICT contracts

This spreadsheet lists all our current information and communications technology (ICT) contracts. Details of new ICT contracts will be published as they are signed.

Contract with Hanzo Archives Limited relating to "Archiving of Secure Web-sites" (PDF, 3.25Mb)

ICT contracts spreadsheet (XLS, 0.00Mb)

Tender documents

All new tender documents for contracts over £10,000 will be published as they are issued and will be made available here and on a central government website. This document shows an example tender pack which was recently issued by The National Archives.

Tender documents (PDF, 0.49Mb)

Items of spend over £10,000

Details of supplier payments for individual invoices exceeding £10,000 are shown here.  These details are updated monthly.

April 2010 (CSV, 0.01Mb)

May 2010 (CSV, 0.00Mb)

June 2010 (CSV, 0.01Mb)

July 2010 (CSV, 0.00Mb)

August 2010 (CSV, 0.00Mb)

September 2010 (CSV, 0.01Mb)

October 2010 (CSV, 0.00Mb)

November 2010 (CSV, 0.00Mb)

December 2010 (CSV, 0.00Mb)

As of November 2010, references to ‘telelift additions’, under ‘expense type’ in the spreadsheet, have been changed to ‘plant and equipment additions’.


Full details of all new contracts entered into by The National Archives will be available from January 2011. This spreadsheet lists all contracts issued since April 2010.

Contracts spreadsheet (XLS, 0.00Mb)

Organisational structure

Our organisational chart, down to head of department level, is shown here.

Organisational structure (PPT, 0.69Mb)

Corporate Freedom of Information requests

We have disclosed the requests we receive for information from our own corporate records.  For each entry we show the request, whether or not it was successful, and any information we provided.

View Information requests

Salaries over £58,200

£58,200 is the base of the first salary band for senior civil servants.

Fourteen members of staff, other than members of the senior civil service, earn salaries over £58,200.

Please open the document below to view the salaries, pension entitlements and any taxable benefits in kind of the chief executive, directors and non-executive directors during 2009-10. The tables are taken from the 2009-10 Annual Report published on 15 July 2010.

Directors' salaries and benefits (XLS, 0.04Mb)

Directors' expenses

These documents show all expenses claimed by our directors from April 2009 to June 2010. All travel was in economy class.

The summary for each director includes transport, hotel and subsistence costs.

Directors' expenses 20009/2010 (XLS, 0.71Mb)

Directors' expenses 2010/2011 (XLS, 0.70Mb)

Graph showing energy usage for August 2010

Energy consumption data

Find information on our electricity use at our building in Kew. Please click on the graph image to view recent months' usage.

Please open the document below to view electricity use in half-hourly intervals, updated every working day.

View our electricity use data (CSV, 0.01Mb)

Staff engagement survey

See the results of our latest staff engagement survey (PDF, 0.24Mb). The Civil Service People Survey took place in October 2010 and involved over 103 organisations across the Civil Service.

This page contains XLS, PDF, CSV, PPT files. See plug-ins and file formats for help in accessing these file types.