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The interactive population pyramid

The interactive pyramid allows you to analyse the age structure of the population more easily. You can see how the population is changing over time by animating the graph, and extract data from the pyramid by selecting age groups.

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> Population pyramid of England & Wales
> Population pyramid of the United Kingdom
> Subnational population pyramids

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Underlying data

The datasets used to generate the national pyramids are available from:
> Population Pyramid datasets

The data used to generate the subnational pyramids are available from:
> Subnational population projections for England


We are keen to receive feedback on this interactive chart. If you have comments, experience problems using the charts, or need to know more about the data, please email pop.info@ons.gov.uk

How these estimates are calculated

The full methodology documentation can be found at:
> Population estimates methodology
> Subnational population projection methodology

Population estimates are based on the most recent census, then adjusted according to the cohort component method. In brief, the previous mid-year resident population estimate is aged-on by one year, then allowances made for natural change due to births and deaths, and for net migration. The components used in calculating these estimates include: births, deaths, prisoners, school boarders, armed forces, internal migration and long-term international migration.

Population pyramid of England & Wales