Rail Safety Performance Statistics

The Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) and the Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) record data and maintain statistics on GB railway safety performance.

ORR, the independent health & safety regulator for the GB railway, produces annual reports covering its activities.  These reports include, as an annex, a Railway Safety Statistical Report that covers the mainline railway, metros, light rail and heritage railways.  The Railway Safety Statistical Report contains statistical tables and charts covering (i) level crossing statistics, (ii) trespass and vandalism statistics, (iii) rolling stock and infrastructure failures, (iv) railway employee health and safety, and (v) collisions, derailments, and all other incidents.

RSSB is a rail industry body whose core functions include measuring the railway's safety performance and analysing risk for the rail industry.  RSSB produce comprehensive annual safety performance reports covering the mainline railway (i.e. excluding metros, light rail and heritage railways).  In addition to providing data on railway safety performance, these reports review the industry's progress against the industry's safety objectives and examines in detail the range of risks experienced by passengers, the railway workforce and members of the public.