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Practice guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage

Practice guidance for setting the standards for learning, development and care for children from 0–5 years. Provides guidance for practitioners on meeting the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. Aims to provide useful advice and detailed information on supporting children’s learning and development and welfare. This resource replaces 00012-2007BKT-EN and is part of orderable pack 00261-2008PCK-EN, Early Years Foundation Stage.


  • can88naar0n 6.10 pm, 20th January 2010

    Hi, I am an Assistant in a Pre-school and have been told to order a booklet: Practice Guidance For The Early Years Foundation Stage. Unfortunately, I am unable to download it and was wondering if there was any other way to get hold of this useful guide.

    Thank you in anticipation,

  • debclarke 7.48 pm, 24th January 2010

    Hi Ellie!

    You can phone DCSF publications on 0845 60 222 60, quoting the reference above and they will send you a copy. You might be best having one sent to your home address rather than your pre-school as there is a limit to how many they will send out to settings.


  • courtney-mae 9.50 am, 26th September 2010

    Hi, i was just wondering about the booklet that you can have ordered is it the one where theres a free CD, poster and things like that in it because i have to have one for college and i cant find it to be delieved.

    Hopefully you can help me,

  • Kateemouse 9.00 am, 12th October 2010

    Apparently you can no longer order the booklet as it is due for a government review. The only option is to print it out yourself.

    • The National Strategies 11.12 am, 15th November 2010

      Hello there,

      The Department have advised us that the EYFS framework pack is currently no longer available to order as a printed publication but continues to be available to view and download from this website (http://nationalstrategies.standards.dcsf.gov.uk/node/157774) and from the Department’s website at http://publications.education.gov.uk

      If the situation changes we will inform you by an update here.

      If you do have queries about specific National Strategies resources, please do contact our customer services team at enquiries@nationalstrategies.co.uk

      Thank you

  • sunnykhan10 8.42 am, 1st December 2010

    Farhat Khan
    I am about to srart work can you please send me the EYFS guidance book free of charge.

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