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Martin Leach
Posted 6 May 2009
Over the Labour Day break I took a trip to Akagera National Park on the Eastern border of Rwanda, next to Tanzania. It is a large open expanse of savanna and woodland dotted with beautiful lakes. The wildlife is limited and rather hard to spot, but I did find some interesting examples of people trying to make livelihoods [...]

Emily Poskett
Posted 3 March 2009
Nine celebrities arrived in Tanzania this weekend to climb Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief and I was lucky enough to be part of the welcome party! As well as being extremely excited to meet the idols of my teenage years (Gary Barlow!!!! Ronan Keating!!!!) it was fascinating to learn more about Comic Relief and the work [...]

Emily Poskett
Posted 1 December 2008
One of the events associated with World AIDS Day each year is the launch of the UNAIDS report on monitoring the global epidemic.  In this report UNAIDS use all the available data to summarise trends in HIV prevalence throughout the world.  This information is essential in order to understand the epidemic, where it is spreading [...]

Emily Poskett
Posted 21 November 2008
The 'short rains' have started and are here in force. As my first time living somewhere tropical, they are fascinating to me. Not the grey drizzle you get in the UK, but 'proper rain', 'really-coming-down-hard' rain, 'if-you-go-out-in-it-for-two-minutes-you-are-soaked-through' rain. This is not the real rainy season, known as the 'long rains', which comes in March / [...]

Emily Poskett
Posted 18 November 2008
Have you sent anyone a Happy African Statistics Day card yet? No thought not…but the 18th of November has been celebrated as "African Statistics Day" across the continent since the nineties. Its purpose is to increase public awareness about the importance of statistics and has a different topic each year – this year being "Challenges [...]

Emily Poskett
Posted 12 November 2008
I promised to talk more about the programme of support to statistics that I am working on at the moment. At the moment I am working with the Government, the World Bank and other Development Partners (DPs) to develop our plan to support the implementation of the Tanzania Statistical Master Plan (TSMP). This plan has [...]

Emily Poskett
Posted 30 October 2008
I have just got in after a training course into the weird and wonderful ways and workings of the ‘Development Partnership Group' (DPG). The purpose of the DPG, and its many underlying sector and cluster working groups, is to manage the official development assistance (aid) coming into Tanzania, in a way that is joined up and [...]

Emily Poskett
Posted 21 October 2008
One of the things I miss about living in London is cycling to work. So once I realised that it would only take around 20 minutes to cycle to my new office in Dar Es Salaam, I was keen to get back in the saddle. There are a lot of similarities between cycling in London [...]

Emily Poskett
Posted 15 October 2008
In Tanzania, as in many African countries, there is evidence of the informal economy wherever you look. As you walk through the streets of Dar Es Salaam, there are small stalls everywhere, selling fruit and veg, plants, mobile phone sim cards and all sorts of other goods. There are men selling second hand shoes out [...]