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Victorians 1850 - 1901

The world's largest empire is governed from Whitehall. Our collections offer an invaluable insight into the politics of empire and the daily lives of its citizens.

Our massive photographic holdings covering Britain and its colonies vividly bring the period to life.

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      An A level masterclass lecture on faith, science and poverty
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    • The Real Little Dorrit The Real Little Dorrit
      Charles Dickens and the debtors' prison
      Key stage 4 - 5
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      The story of five hundred years behind bars
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History by Numbers

  • 51
    Children and Grand-Children of Queen Victoria
  • 13,550
    Approximate mileage of London sewers built 1859-65
  • 6,200,000
    Visitors to the 1851 Great Exhibition in Hyde Park
  • 371,825,244
    Population of the British Empire in 1891
  • 2
    Wombats owned by Pre-Raphaelite painter Dante Gabriel Rosetti in the 1870s