Pension Schemes Newsletter 41

22 July 2010

Relief at Source - volunteers needed

The Registered Pension Schemes (Relief at Source) regulations were made in 2005 (no 3448) and these came in to force from 6 April 2006. PSS are now reviewing how well the RAS regime is functioning. Key to doing this successfully is for us to gain input from you (our customers) who operate RAS. We want to work with you to establish in practical terms how you administer RAS, understand the issues you experience and seek your thoughts and ideas as to how we can improve RAS for the future.

We are therefore seeking volunteers (who operate RAS) who would be willing to work with us to provide this invaluable insight. This would involve us visiting you and talking to your people so that we can understand your processes. With your input we will also look at how we can eliminate any uncertainty with a claim and how we can improve the quality while minimising any costs. Longer term we want to get to a place where we can be confident that the claims that are being made are accurate so that we can take a less onerous and intrusive approach to checking claims.

We have prepared some frequently asked questions which you will find useful in deciding if you want to take part as they will provide you with more information.

If you have any further questions or would like to volunteer please speak to Julia Davis who is managing this work. Her contact details are:

Tel: 0115 9742336
E mail address: Julia Davis