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Neil Squires
Posted 25 August 2009
This week we are saying goodbye to Esther Bouma, who has been responsible for coordinating the 26 different development agencies that work with the Ministry of Health here in Mozambique. Esther, pictured here at her desk in the architecturally stunning Dutch Embassy in Maputo, will be moving to a job in South Africa at the [...]

Ian Attfield
Posted 18 August 2009
I've been away on holiday in Europe for a few weeks in July, it was incredible to see the change to Kano when I got back. Same old crumbling cement blocks, pot-holed streets and blazing sun. But after regular rainstorms for a month all the verges and wasteland have transformed from dusty waste to a blanket of [...]

Sarah Sanyahumbi
Posted 14 August 2009
A while ago I wrote about how Nepal was waiting for the monsoon rains to come. Well, they’re here now, but unfortunately things are still not good. The rains that have come are not “good” rains. Firstly, they are late – the normal monsoon should start on 10 June (yes it is that precise!), but [...]