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Ian Attfield
Posted 25 October 2010
While world leaders were discussing MDG progress at the UN global summit last month, I got my first opportunity to see reality in Zimbabwean primary schools. As part of a joint monitoring mission with government officials, UNICEF and other partners, I visited schools in Chitungwiza (an urban settlement on the edge of Harare) and the rural areas of [...]

Simone Banister
Posted 15 October 2010
A Blog Action Day on water – how can I not write something? My career started in water resource and wastewater management in Johannesburg (I won’t say how many years ago!). I also came across the following quotes in an article I read last week which I thought would be good for this blog. ‘If [...]

Neil Squires
Posted 15 October 2010
I love a good cause, and the theme of Blog Action Day today is about as good as they get: water. Water is a hugely important issue globally and particularly for developing countries such as Mozambique where shortages of clean water are a daily problem, and yet where floods also bring devastation and disease. I [...]

Posted 15 October 2010
I could probably count on one hand the number of times I have seen a river in Afghanistan. The streets in Kabul are dusty and most of the year it doesn’t look like the city has seen a drop of rain. But the market is full of ripe fruit and vegetables. Pomegranates are in season [...]

Shantanu Mitra
Posted 15 October 2010
Indians are used to coping with the effects of a variable climate. So many of these effects are related to the availability and quality of water – for agriculture, domestic consumption, industry, power generation and other uses – that water is viewed by many experts as the most important source of vulnerability to climate change.  [...]

Neil Squires
Posted 12 October 2010
This is just a quick post to alert those who do not yet know about the DFID consultation on reproductive, maternal and newborn health, and to remind those who have not yet commented, that the deadline for participation in this important consultation is 20 October. This consultation is particularly important given the recent high level [...]

Paul Healey
Posted 5 October 2010
A couple of weeks ago I attended a number of fascinating sessions at the International Growth Centre’s Growth Week. One event that particularly stuck in my mind focused on the role China is playing in Africa. At the UN Millennium Development Goals Summit in New York world leaders were discussing how much aid should go [...]