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Neil Squires
Posted 31 January 2011
I have just read Melinda Gates’ blog on her new year resolution. It's really a renewal of the already massive commitment of the Gates Foundation to carry on supporting improvements in health through innovation and a strong focus on delivering results. Melinda Gates says some very nice things about DFID’s strengthened focus on results, commending [...]

Ian Attfield
Posted 25 January 2011
Getting back to work after the new year break also means a return to the fascinating digital world. I've highlighted the importance of inter-dependency between education and IT provision to support development in Africa in some posts last year. I spent some time musing on GapMinder World: a fascinating website where Google software supports the visual representation [...]

Hannah Ryder
Posted 24 January 2011
I’ve been a Senior Economist in DFID for just over a month. Many friends and colleagues are excited about my new role…even people I don’t know that well. My first challenge has been giving a clear answer to the question “what do you ACTUALLY DO?”. Most people know what doctors, engineers, lawyers, even bankers and accountants [...]

Vicky Seymour
Posted 18 January 2011
I'm sure by this point the suspense is almost too much. But the wait is finally over. I can now reveal that the winner of our Best of the Blogs 2010 poll is… Colum Wilson | Killing relief with kindness As the Haiti earthquake had us all asking "how can I help?", Colum drew on [...]