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National Planning Policy Framework

The Planning Minister Greg Clark has announced a review of planning policy, designed to consolidate policy statements, circulars and guidance documents into a single consolidated National Planning Policy Framework. The new Framework will be:

  • localist in its approach, handing power back to local communities to decide what is right for them
  • used as a mechanism for delivering Government objectives only where it is relevant, proportionate and effective to do so and
  • user-friendly and accessible, providing clear policies on making robust local and neighbourhood plans and development management decisions

It is important that planning professionals, local authorities, community groups and members of the public have an opportunity to shape the new Framework.

The Minister has invited organisations and individuals to offer their suggestions to the Department on what priorities and policies we might adopt to produce a shorter, more decentralised and less bureaucratic National Planning Policy Framework.

Please send your suggestions, by 28 February 2011, to:


Alan Scott
National Planning Policy Framework
Department for Communities and Local Government
Zone 1/H6
Eland House
London SW1E 5DU

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