The 2007 Comprehensive Spending Review announced five cross-government Public Service Agreements (10-14) which are led by DCSF.

Public Service Agreements (PSAs) set out the key priority outcomes the Government wants to achieve in the next spending period (2008-2011).

Each PSA is underpinned by a single Delivery Agreement shared across all contributing departments and developed in consultation with delivery partners and frontline workers. The DCSF works with contributing departments to deliver the Government’s PSAs for children and young people, as a step towards delivering the Children's Plan and Every Child Matters.

DCSF led PSAs 10 –14 are shown below along with their related indicators/outcomes; directorate responsibility; and joint working (dual key) arrangements with other contributing departments (shown in bold) where appropriate. They are:

In addition to the DSCF-led PSAs, the DCSF works jointly with the DWP and HMT to halve the number of children in poverty by 2010-11, on the way to eradicating child poverty by 2020 (PSA 9); with DCMS to deliver a successful Olympic Games and Paralympic Games with a sustainable legacy and get more children and young people taking part in high-quality PE and sport (PSA 22).

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