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APP writing standards file: Mark (Year 1 low level 1)

Writing instructions: autumn term

Mark wrote this set of instructions as part of a two-week unit of work at the end of the autumn term. The title for the writing was provided by the teacher.

Mark's set of instructions


How to make a pirate (mask).

Cut it out.

2 Colour XXXX XXXXX.

3 Cut the eyes out.

4 Put the strings on.

5 Put it on.

Assessment commentary

  • Mark has written a series of simple clauses, all structured in the same way, appropriate for the task (AF5 L1 b1).
  • His clauses are grammatically correct and emphatic full stops demarcate some of them although it is not clear whether capital letters are intended at the start of each new instruction (AF6 L1 b1 and b2).
  • The steps are listed in practical order, with some numbering as well as line breaks for clarity, and there is an overall title given by teacher (AF3 L1 b1 and b2).
    It is clear that Mark is making a mask, references to 'it' connect the instructions together (just AF4 L1 b1).
  • Content is brief and without descriptive comment (AF1 L1 b1).
  • Sufficient evidence to show that Mark understands the basic purpose of the genre and that he can adopt an instructional style of writing (AF2 L1 b1).
  • Vocabulary is very simple with verbs and pronouns repeated (AF7 L1 b1).
  • Inconsistencies in both spelling and letter formation make the piece difficult to decipher. The words in the title are readable, and some spelling is phonetically plausible, e.g. attempts at 'cut', 'put', 'on', indicating that Mark is still developing his knowledge of simple CVC words (Phonics Phase 2) (not quite AF8 L1 b1 and b2).
  • Some use of finger spaces, but examples of incorrect letter formation (Handwriting and presentation L1 b2).


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