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Mathematics assessment guidelines for levels 4 and 5

Mathematics assessment grid containing the assessment guidelines for levels 4 and 5. These grids can be used as part of Assessing Pupils' Progress (APP).


  • ljluke 10.24 am, 1st February 2010

    I need to access these documents frequently and have saved them to my desktop. I just query the name of the document as they are not exactly assessment guidelines but assessment level descriptors under the App banner. It makes it very difficult for you to find these on a search if using APP as your key word.

  • dianemoore 3.37 pm, 22nd April 2010

    This file will not open as it is damaged.
    Like many others, I find these files extremely difficult to find as they do not come up when entering APP assessments in to the search.

  • The National Strategies 1.53 pm, 24th May 2010

    If you've commented on this page with regard to finding and using the APP materials, please let us know if you've been successful or have any good tips to share.
    The one I would share with you is to start your search from the APP home page http://nationalstrategies.standards.dcsf.gov.uk/primary/assessment/assessingpupilsprogressapp so you can quickly find the assessment guidelines, standards files and other subject based content.
    It's not always possible to reply personally or directly to comments left on this page. If your query relates to a specific piece of content, please consider using the Feedback or Contact and provide as much contextual detail as you can. Feedback and Contact are found in the footer of every page.
    Thank you

  • kaytriley 8.22 pm, 9th September 2010

    i have found them by accident after looking for them for over 20 minutes!! why cant there just be link straight to them?????

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