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Writing assessment guidelines for levels 1 and 2

Writing assessment grid containing the assessment guidelines for levels 1 and 2. The assessment grids can be used as part of Assessing Pupils' Progress (APP).


  • Head@westwood.essex.sch.uk 11.30 am, 5th February 2010

    What an nightmare! I have spent too long trying to find the APP sheets. PLEASE put a simple link on the Home page to the page where they are. Too much clicking and looking around for them.
    Very unhappy Headteacher.

  • paulinesalta@hotmail.com 8.42 am, 12th February 2010

    I agree.

  • jcobbett 1.50 pm, 19th February 2010

    I am trying very hard to engage positively with APP but find the process quite frustrating. At the moment my difficulty is that all the proformas are in PDF format and I need ADOBE 9 to be able to use- them needless to say I do not have this - any suggestions?
    Another busy Head Teacher who really does not have the time to fiddle about!

    • James McLaughlin 7.36 pm, 29th December 2010

      Heya, I am just a teaching student but there is a great program for reading PDF's called Nuance, it's free and it can not only read all PDF's but it will convert them for free too via an easy to use button in the program, press it and it will convert any PDF into another format (like Word) and send it to your email.

      Here's the link to download it: http://www.nuance.com/for-business/by-product/pdf/pdfreader/index.htm

      I know your comment's old but figured this may still be useful to you, or someone else reading this :).

  • pltiffany 12.03 pm, 25th April 2010

    I consider myself fairly proficient on a computer. The thing which I don't have too much of as an overworked class teacher is TIME. Time to click through pages on this website before I can locate what I need. If you want us to carry out APP please make the resources which we need more accessible. Thank you.

  • The National Strategies 1.45 pm, 24th May 2010

    If you've commented on this page with regard to finding and using the APP materials, please let us know if you've been successful or have any good tips to share.
    The one I would share with you is to start your search from the APP home page http://nationalstrategies.standards.dcsf.gov.uk/primary/assessment/assessingpupilsprogressapp so you can quickly find the assessment guidelines, standards files and other subject based content.
    It's not always possible to reply personally or directly to comments left on this page. If your query relates to a specific piece of content, please consider using the Feedback or Contact and provide as much contextual detail as you can. Feedback and Contact are found in the footer of every page.
    Thank you

  • primaryred 5.31 pm, 9th September 2010

    Hi I agree with all of the above, I spend many hours creating documents to support my planning resources and have always said at staff meetings that we should share resources.
    At this time I am in the process of setting up a primary planning website.

    this address will not include the moonfruit in the next few days.
    I have used the AF information combined with the relative objectives and 'I can' statements then formatted documents for each year group in an easily accessible format.
    Leave a message on my facebook group (Primary teacher Talk) join that would be great, very small as new otherwise please e-mail me and I will share this with pleasure.

  • laura-price 12.40 pm, 4th October 2010

    I found the app sheets quickly by googling 'app maths grids level 1 and 2'. It took ages to find them from the national standards home page and I wasn't even sure what to click on to get to them. If in doudt use a search engine to find things for you :) Hope this helps others find what they need quickly!

  • Loopyjump 10.24 am, 15th October 2010

    I agree with all the above. The National Strategies website is a nightmare to navigate, and it should NOT take us so long to find resources. While it is great to see that people are sharing hints and tips to find resources quickly, (and I find googling the APP grids the fastest way to get to them.) we should not have to google items as an alternative to navigating around a national website!

  • sartre 12.49 pm, 15th December 2010

    Agreed. And it's not just particular APP resources that are difficult to find.

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