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Mathematics assessment guidelines for levels 3 and 4

Mathematics assessment grid containing the assessment guidelines for levels 3 and 4. These grids can be used as part of Assessing Pupils' Progress (APP).


  • KLambert 10.28 pm, 18th February 2009

    Sorry - this document remains elusive. I find it very hard to find - definitely not 2 clicks!

  • The National Strategies 2.54 pm, 19th February 2009

    Thank you for your comments. We have modified this page to make it easier to locate this resource.

  • headteacherkirkhamgate 8.31 pm, 16th March 2009

    I found it very difficult to locate this page - a waste of my time - poor for my work life balance. I am also wasting my evening and my printer. Why can't the dcfs produce a book for teachers to guide them through the new framework. Teachers do not want a system that cannot be continuously be updated - we want a system that will stay the same for a few years.

    • leep 7.36 pm, 16th May 2009

      if you became a registered user you could bookmark the page so it will be a link on your own home page on the site

  • pebble 7.34 pm, 8th September 2009

    That isn't really the point. We need to refer to it constantly and a paper copy is more useful. This should be provided!

  • cattyy113 4.21 pm, 6th November 2009

    I agree completely, it has taken me ages to find the right document. Having to navigate this website is a complete waste of time - please publish your materials if we have to use them.

  • The National Strategies 9.09 am, 10th November 2009

    Given the move to web-based materials, we are as a result better able to present to users smaller chunks of materials that are directly relevant to the topics they are interested in. This is more effective and the feedback we have suggests it saves teachers time. In this particular case, these materials are supposed to be able to be used time after time- another reason why it is for print and not for order.

  • The National Strategies 11.28 am, 23rd December 2009

    The reason the criteria are not presented in an editable form is that they are nationally agreed and therefore need to be constant. Any change in the wording changes the criteria and this loses one of the key benefits of having a national system where all children are assessed against the same criteria (including when they move from school to school, from local authority to local authority or from primary to secondary). Consequently, we cannot make them available in a format which would allow them to be easily edited, though we are sorry if this creates unforeseen difficulties for busy teachers.

  • TAMH 8.50 pm, 9th January 2010

    I don't want to edit the text but I would like to be able to do the highlighting/recording for each of my pupils on as a digital file. How can I do this with a pdf Document?

    It seems silly to encourage every techaer to print out a copy for each child when some of us may have a paperless system (or want to move to one). Anyway of converting these to a worrd doc like the qca unit plans so that we can highlight and annotate?

  • JPaul 4.29 pm, 20th January 2010

    Agree with all above, difficult to find for the first time, bookmarking and linking is fine but shouldn't be the case if this is a key strategy to be used.
    The fact that they are PDF format is not acceptable if we are moving away from the paper record. If people want paper to take around the class then that should be readily available if they are wanted in electronic format then that should be the case.
    This is simple consideration of worklife balance and the needs of the people actually using the records.
    I understand I cannot change the wording, that is fairly obvious but I also want to be able to highlight and annotate.

  • Voloesse 2.47 pm, 24th January 2010

    I agree with all the above. Even though I have been to this page many times, it is always a struggle. The logic applied to categorise it, doesn't work for the people trying to use it. I also would like to annotate the grids electronically so that I can do my part in saving the planet! I would also like to add that every reply from the strategy seems to say "sorry - this is why we're right - we have feedback that says we're right - we are not going to change it - get on with it."

  • robinlurie 9.49 am, 23rd February 2010

    As a trainee I agree with the above. An example of the confusing set up is the headings used for categorising maths skills throughout the NC and assessment documents. The headings in four documents - the NC, the PNS Framework for Maths, The Blocks and Units and APP all have headings to separate the skills - but they're all different. If all heading for maths skills and sub-skills were the same across all documents wouldn't life be so much easier?!

  • tallen5050 3.28 pm, 15th December 2010

    Constructive criticism.
    The entire site seems to have been designed to confuse and baffle people who need to use it. I can NEVER find anything that I need. Please could this site be organised into sections for parents / teachers / others involved in education (we don't all need everything), and then consult each group to identify what would make it easy to use. Perhaps a search engine that gives me APP grids when I type APP grids would be useful too.

    Please never set up a website using a committee again. Democracy is great, but websites must be designed to be easy to use. This is clearly not.

    Thank you

    • The National Strategies 9.39 am, 16th December 2010

      Hello there,

      Thanks for getting in touch with us, we do listen to all comments. It is a challenge to meet the needs of all our different audiences.

      With regard to APP, all the resources are gathered here (you can browse from the main Primary page)


      This allows for quick access to the assessment guidelines and grids.

      Thank you

  • The National Strategies 11.40 am, 16th December 2010

    If you have favourite pages and resources that you want to refer to regularly then please note that you can use the Bookmark and Send features towards the top of relevant pages.

    When you choose Bookmark, you have the option to add it to your My home page. Once saved, go to My home (above the Search box) and find the bookmarked page.

    The Bookmark icon will appear next to Send and Print once you have logged in, on pages where this feature applies.

    You can use the Send feature to email a message containing a link to the page to a colleague, and/or to yourself.

    Thank you

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