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Speaking and listening, reading and writing assessment criteria for levels 1 to 8

Assessment criteria for assessing pupils' progress in speaking and listening, reading and writing, to support teachers in making periodic assessments throughout Key Stages 1 to 4.


  • hlee 2.24 pm, 12th November 2008

    I have spent 10 minutes trying to find the APP guidelines - which is what the APP grids, 2 levels per sheet, Reading and Writing - are called. APP guidelines on the site however leads me to advice on how to use app. Where do I find the resource itself?

    • lyonsk 12.43 pm, 26th August 2009

      You can find the APP grids at the following page http://nationalstrategies.standards.dcsf.gov.uk/node/20683. Alternatively, from the comments page just click on the 'Assessing Pupil Progress: Assessment Guidelines' link on the right hand side of the page.

  • hinterapp 11.46 am, 24th June 2009

    This is groundbreaking.

  • sue_hayes 11.22 am, 31st August 2009

    I can only find the writing assessments in this pdf. Am I doing something wrong?

  • The National Strategies 12.32 pm, 1st September 2009

    The full version has now been uploaded. Please try again.

    • sue_hayes 12.38 am, 2nd September 2009

      Worked this time. Thank you!

  • lelatkins 2.19 pm, 3rd September 2009

    Am trying to find the guidelines that go with the APP grids. Where are they?

  • The National Strategies 3.27 pm, 4th September 2009

    You may find the Standards files useful.

  • nickharris 3.12 pm, 8th October 2009

    Is there something like this for maths? I can't find it if there is.

  • The National Strategies 1.14 pm, 12th October 2009

    Please see the following resource: Mathematics assessment guidelines levels 1 to 8

  • supamadgracie 10.06 pm, 3rd December 2009

    Is there a Word version of this file?

  • Namaste374 3.09 pm, 10th February 2010

    Still not working today. :-(

  • GreyArea 6.52 pm, 10th February 2010

    Has anyone reported this as a problem? It just looks like a broken link to me...

  • The National Strategies 9.26 am, 12th February 2010

    Thank you for your feedback. The link will be fixed as a priority.

  • approval 9.08 pm, 7th April 2010

    Comment removed by moderators.

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