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APP writing standards file: Stephanie (Year 4, low level 2)

Recount of a family holiday

This is a collection of work. Click through the chapters to see the full collection or download the attached standards file.

Children were asked to write about a family holiday. During paired discussion, they were asked to talk about events from their holiday in a sequential order and to talk about their favourite parts of the holiday, explaining what they had enjoyed most and why.

Stephanie's writing sample: Recount

Assessment summary

In her recount, Stephanie shows that she can use some elements of the given writing form (AF2). There is a clear sense of 'who, what, where and when' and the recount is written in the past tense (AF5). Stephanie includes some relevant details and a few apt word choices that create interest for the reader (AF1). When describing the slides in the park, her use of story language is awkwardly placed. There is an attempt to sequence ideas (AF3) but the overall piece lacks cohesion and there is no definite ending (AF3). Some use of time connectives, 'The next day', 'Then we went', support the chronological sequencing of events. Stephanie uses a mixture of simple and compound sentences but inaccuracies in punctuation detract from the overall effectiveness of the sentence structure (AF6). Stephanie's handwriting is difficult to read and incorrect letter formation can sometimes result in loss of meaning. This deterioration in handwriting style often occurs when Stephanie is asked to write for a sustained amount of time. Overall, the evidence suggests that she is working on the level 1/level 2 borderline.


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