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APP reading standards file: Julia (Year 1 low level 2)

Summary of reading knowledge and behaviours: January

Regular summaries of current levels of attainment are part of the school's normal assessment practice. They provide a useful starting point for identifying the progress that Julia has made over two terms.

Teacher's notes

  • Julia loves stories and books, but does not get much opportunity to practise her reading at home.
  • She is beginning to read some high frequency words automatically although she finds phonically irregular words like 'said' difficult.
  • She is using phonic knowledge but tends to guess from the initial letter of the word.
  • Julia is just beginning to blend phonemes, including some adjacent consonants.
  • She is taking account of full stops when reading but reads without much fluency or expression.
  • She finds it difficult to both decode and make sense of what she is reading – she looks carefully at illustrations as a cue for comprehension.
  • She is increasingly able to make a plausible prediction about what will happen in the text.
  • Julia is able to identify rhymes in a text but finds figurative language very difficult to understand or explain.

Assessment commentary

  • Several examples of Julia's use of phonic strategies and pausing at full stops provide evidence for AF1 L1 b2 and b3.
  • Comment about prediction gives limited evidence for AF3 L1 b1, but not clear how consistently demonstrated.
  • As an English as an additional language (EAL) speaker, Julia may need explicit teaching about figurative language (AF5 L1), but observational notes suggest her willingness to engage with books, making imaginative links with personal experience (AF6 L1).


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