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APP reading standards file: Joshua (Year 1 low level 1)

Reading notes

In Joshua's school, teachers keep a record book in which anybody in school who has heard a child reading can write brief notes on books read and progress made. Notes on guided reading are only made by the child's class teacher and teaching assistant (TA), related to specific learning objectives. This evidence is used by the class teacher to build up a picture of each child as a reader.

Reading record comments

25.04 attempts to blend phonemes in words he found tricky

16.06 retells story and comments show good understanding

21.05 reads most of story without help

07.07 has good understanding of story plot and relates this to own experiences

Guided reading comments

03.06 able to pick out 'igh' and 'ou'

11.06 unable to pick out main event in story

25.06 understands content on non-fiction book, needed help to read many words, e.g. 'your', 'tie'. Talked about content, related to his own holiday

Assessment commentary

  • Evidence that Joshua can read some high-frequency words fluently and with pace (AF1 L1 b1).
  • In guided reading, Joshua uses blending to decode unfamiliar words (AF1 L1 b2).
  • In supportive context, often able to recall main events of stories (AF2 L1 b1).
  • Joshua's comments on texts frequently relate to his own experience (AF6 L1 b1).



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