1 February 2011

The Court Funds Office is informally consulting on a new version of the Court Funds Rules, which govern the way in which the Accountant General may accept, hold and pay money out of court.

The consultation document and rules are available here.

October 2010

Changes to the autumn statements

The CFO has made changes to the arrangements for the provision of statements to clients this autumn in order to make substantial running costs savings for the office.

Statements will be provided to all Court of Protection clients and Children's cases where the CFO holds funds of more than £100,000. Other clients will not automatically receive a statement this autumn. However, anyone who would like to receive a statement may request one from CFO’s customer services team.

All CFO clients will receive a statement in April as usual. 

For more information on statements for clients with funds held in court please refer to our; Statements - frequently asked questions page or call our customer helpline on 0845 223 8500 and one of our advisors will be happy to assist you.