Tuesday, February 1, 2011


An international partnership of 43 nations is working with the government and people of Afghanistan to build a country able to provide security, services and economic opportunity for its people. Since 2006, responsibility for Helmand, the country's largest province, has rested with the UK.

Based outside Helmand's capital Lashkar Gar, a UK-led Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT), is working to:

  • restore security;
  • promote fair and equitable justice;
  • deliver basic services; and
  • directly tackle the insurgency.

The PRT is a joint civilian and military team of 165 people, including 80 civilians. The Stabilisation Unit provides over 30 of these civilian experts, not just to Lashkar Gar, but also to the front line forward operating bases working directly with the military battlegroups and Afghan government.

The Stabilisation Unit can draw on people from a database of 1000 experts, from agricultural advisers to economists, project managers to retired police officers, and provide them with the training and equipment necessary to deploy to Afghanistan. In Helmand, our experts are currently promoting the rule of law, developing local government institutions, stabilising outlying districts and countering the narcotics industry. We have Stabilisation Advisers on the front line in seven districts, up from just one in 2007.

We also work closely with the military before they deploy. Twice a year the Stabilisation Unit joins the military on Salisbury Plain to participate in the final and largest ‘in-the-field’ exercise before deployment. The aim is to develop a common understanding of the key issues in Afghanistan and facilitate planning; helping both the civilians and the military to work effectively together in the field.

The UK is committed to Afghanistan for the long term and our efforts are achieving positive results. The provision of such tangible benefits underpins confidence in the political process and the Afghan state itself.


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