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Improving support
Share. Connect. Learn.

Improving Support provides ways for support providers to find and share resources, connect and learn.

An Improving Support website, magazine and e-bulletin work together to provide easy ways to find and share information, contacts, news, events and other resources.

The Improving Support website enables members to:

Share information and resources ranging from news, events, video and documents through to contact details instantly and directly in this site - to help improve the quality, effectiveness and sustainability of advice and support for civic society organisations.

Connect with others that share similar interests to collaborate and link up, discuss resources, create groups in the website - and link to your own social networks.

Improving Support is aimed at support providers but frontline organisations will also will find some resources of relevance, and can use the site as a directory of support organisations to help them find the support they need

Bringing resources, news and events together provides a way for support providers to learn from each other and the resources in this website, and the magazine.

How to get started in this website
Become a member of this website to start benefiting from this site, and to receive your free copy of the magazine.

If you are already a member, login and start looking for contacts, news, events, groups and resources, and upload some content of your own.

Improving Support Magazine
The quarterly Improving Support Magazine is a showcase for best practice amongst those providing support to civic society organisations, providing inspiration to help organisations and individuals in their work with frontline groups.

Each edition of the magazine is themed around a topic relevant to third sector support providers and contains interviews with leading figures from the third sector, as well as case studies, best practice and insight on issues that matter to support providers.

Become a member at www.improvingsupport.org.uk/register to be sure to receive your free copy.

Improving Support e-bulletin
Those registering online at www.improvingsupport.org.uk can also receive a regular Improving Support e-bulletin which highlights the highest rated resources and most read latest news to keep you up to help you in your work.

You can also sign up for RSS feeds which bring together news from several websites around a particular subject, helping you to stay up to date quickly and easily.

Capacitybuilders’ role
Capacitybuilders is committed to promoting shared learning and best practice to improve the quality of support and advice provided to third sector groups. Through Improving Support, we facilitate the sharing of information and resources designed by and for organisations providing support to the third sector, helping improve the quality, effectiveness and sustainability of that advice and support.

Central to Capacitybuilders’ provision of resources and expertise is the Improving Support website; an online community for those working in the third sector, where members can share resources, connect and learn from one another.

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