Ministry of Justice

Access keys

Access keys are designed to help users who may have difficulty using pointing devices.

This site uses the UK Government's access keys standards. The following access keys are available on our website:

S - skip navigation
0 (zero) - access key details (this page)
1 - home page
3 - site map
4 - search
6 - help
7 - complaints procedure
8 - terms and conditions
9 - contact us
I - Freedom of Information

These browsers support access keys.

Microsoft IE4, Netscape Navigator 6 and above: hold down ALT and press the key.

Microsoft IE5 and above: hold down ALT, press the key and then press ENTER.

Macintosh users: hold down CTRL and press the key.

The site is designed to meet a wide range of accessibility requirements and we are keen to hear from you if you have any specific access needs. Your comments and suggestions to help us make our website more informative or easier to use are welcomed. Please email us.