Transport Trends: 2009 Edition


Logo: National Statistics This publication presents an overview and analysis of trends in transport and travel in Great Britain over the past 25 years, and highlights some of the key issues.  It is intended as a companion volume to Transport Statistics Great Britain, which contains reference tables of more detailed figures and some longer time trends.

This is the twelfth annual edition of Transport Trends. This edition of Transport Trends broadly follows the structure of the previous publication, with some additional analyses incorporated.

Transport Trends includes a wide range of indicators and statistical analysis to illustrate longer-term trends and to help put key policy targets and trends into a broader context. The report includes trends in relation to the Department's Public Service Agreement (PSA) targets both those from the 2004 Spending Review and the simplified ones from the 2007 Comprehensive Spending Review (see Annex 2) and the government's sustainable development indicators which are most relevant to transport (see Annex 3).

All the data underlying the graphics are available on the Transport Statistics section of the Department for Transport's website. The website also includes a wide range of other statistical material and publications. In addition to our main reference volume, Transport Statistics Great Britain, further analysis on particular topics is included in our series of "Focus" publications, which take an in-depth look at particular areas of transport.  More detailed information is also published in a series of regular bulletins.  Details of all our recent and forthcoming publications can be found on the website.

For a (free) hard copy of Transport Trends 2009, please contact DfT by email at or by telephone on 020 7944 3098. 

We hope you find this publication useful and interesting, and we welcome any comments you may have on the contents and presentation.  Any suggestions for improvement should be sent to the editors at Department for Transport, Zone 2/29, Great Minster House, 76 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DR or emailed to

Dorothy Anderson (editor)


The data and text for Transport Trends were prepared by statistical staff in DfT and elsewhere and produced for publication by Taj Gul and Shawn Weekes.

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