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Data management

To improve the way that data is collected and shared in schools, and between schools and other interested parties (such as local authorities and government agencies), Becta, DCFS and DIUS recommend the adoption of the Systems Interoperability Framework. Proof of concept work is currently underway. You can find out more about the benefits for schools on the Systems Interoperability Framework Association UK website.

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Management information systems market review
We are conducting a review which will enable us to issue guidance on management information systems ...

Information Management Strategy framework now available
A new framework is now available to help schools effectively manage their data ...

Data handling security guidance for schools
What your school should be doing to protect personal information and minimise the risk of data being misused ...

Guidance on the use of biometric systems in schools
Guidance to schools on using biometric data and what it will mean for pupils' personal security ...

Functional requirements for information management including MIS
This document presents a set of functional requirements for information management software ...

Burden reduced for data collection from schools
A memorandum of understanding has established an agreement between the DCSF and MIS suppliers ...

What to look for in a management information system
Explains the functions of a management information system and where to get support ...