Statistics (data, tables and publications)

Transport Statistics Great Britain

The 36th edition of Transport Statistics Great Britain.

Transport Trends

Overview and analysis of trends in transport and travel in Great Britain.

Accessibility and Local Transport Plans

Information about Local Transport Plans.

Accidents, casualties and safety

Attitudes towards transport


Energy and the Environment

This section looks at the impact of transport on energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

Freight statistics

International Comparisons

This section gives some broad comparisons between transport in the United Kingdom and transport in other major industrialised countries, based on statistics obtained from international publications.


Maritime statistics cover a wide range of subjects, including passenger and freight traffic at UK ports, freight traffic on UK inland waters, and ships in the UK registered and UK owned fleets and in the world fleet. Information is also available on the number of UK seafarers, and port related employment in the UK.

Modal Comparisons

There are many different ways to travel, both within Great Britain and internationally. This section looks at the use people make of the different modes of transport when travelling to, from and within Great Britain. It also looks at how much individuals, central and local government and private industry spends on transport, and the employment that the transport industry supports.

National Travel Survey

The latest information from the National Travel Survey

Public transport

Railways - statistics

Regional Data

Roads, traffic and congestion

Information about road traffic, congestion, vehicle speeds, types of roads, condition of roads, and road expenditure

School travel statistics

This web page provides links to statistics the Department publishes on the mode of travel to school.