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Robust evidence is vital in informing the development of strategy and policy that will improve outcomes for learners and the system as a whole. We develop and disseminate robust evidence on the impact of ICT on education.

Impact 2007: Personalising learning with technology

The Impact 2007 study looked at the ways 67 primary and secondary schools used technology and how this influenced the personalising learning process and its outcomes.

The study found that:

  • e-maturity is linked to higher school performance and also to greater ‘investment in learning’ (work ethos, self-efficacy, motivation, engagement, behaviour, etc.) by pupils. Investment in learning is a crucial factor in pupil and school performance.
  • There is a relationship between e-maturity and school performance in Key Stage 3 Maths and science, and GCSE Level 1.
  • Teachers believe that ICT is strongly associated with personalising learning. They are committed to the personalising learning agenda, although many find it difficult to put this concept into practice.  
  • ICT is strongly embedded in the majority of teachers’ practice. Over two-thirds of teachers reported that either their laptop or interactive whiteboard was now an essential tool for them.
  • Pupils’ experiences of the personalising learning process, at primary and secondary level, were associated with greater opportunities to use ICT.

You can download the study 'Impact 2007: Personalising learning with technology' in Word (512KB) or PDF (409KB) format.

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