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Most of our online resources are now available under the Open Government Licence for anyone to re-use. Find out more.

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Becta's Schools website offers advice and guidance to school leadership teams on how technology can be built into teaching, learning and management.

Getting more for your money


Our communities are great places to share advice and ideas and talk to colleagues with similar experiences. They are also free to join. All you need is an email address which you can access regularly.

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A community to discuss and share information about e-safety in schools ...

Top teachers
The opportunity to share advice and expertise on the effective use of ICT in the curriculum ...

Pupil referral units – talk
A community for managers of pupil referral units ...

Visual impairments forum
For teachers with an interest in teaching pupils with visual impairments ...

Traveller education community
For practitioners with an interest in traveller education who wish to share ideas and practical advice ...

Teachers of the deaf community
For practitioners involved in teaching deaf learners in schools ...

Severe learning difficulties forum
For exchanging ideas about the education of learners with severe, profound and multiple learning difficulties ...

Special needs co-ordinators’ forum
For discussing issues relating to special educational needs ...

Physical disability and neurological disabilities
For professionals involved in the education of children with physical and neurological disabilities ...

High-ability community
For discussing issues relating to the education of gifted and talented children ...

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