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Becta's Schools website offers advice and guidance to school leadership teams on how technology can be built into teaching, learning and management.

Getting more for your money

For technical staff

Technical staff play an increasingly important role in schools, as learning and teaching become more and more heavily dependent on technology.  They provide technical and network support, including troubleshooting and resolving ICT user problems and undertaking specific maintenance and upgrade tasks for school networks.

The best practice for technical support is described in Becta’s Framework for IT Support (FITS) and Technical Competencies Framework which identifies how staff can progress their careers.

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How to find the right training provider
Looks at the various training options that can be chosen to obtain a qualification ...

Popular types of certification
A list of some popular certification programmes for ICT training ...

Training needs for ICT users and ICT professionals
Examines the knowledge and skills required for different categories of technical support staff ...

Accredited and industry certified qualifications
Explains the different types of qualifications and the regulatory bodies associated with them ...

The difference between skills and knowledge
Understanding the importance of improving skills and knowledge together ...

What are the benefits of accredited qualifications?
Explains the benefits and provides sources of information ...

How to create an individual learning plan for ICT training
Creating a training and development plan can help define your training needs ...

How to check the quality of training
How to identify whether potential training is suitable to your needs ...

How to choose a suitable training method
Looks at the various training methods you can choose to obtain a qualification ...

Skill improvement for school technicians
Assess your skills using our online tool and define your future training needs ...

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