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Using the internet can make learning fun, fast and easy. Whether researching a school project, chatting with friends or playing a game, you can help your child surf safely and feel confident about learning online.

Q. Do you talk to your childen about the dangers and risks of using the internet and teach them how to be safe online?

Q. What percentage of people do you think lie about their age online?

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Here's how guides

Here's how

The internet offers a wealth of opportunities for developing knowledge and interests for you and your child, but it can be overwhelming. Why not start by downloading and working through these activity cards, which give useful guidance on how to enjoy the opportunities to the full whilst avoiding any pitfalls.

Internet safety resources

Internet Safety Resources

The Internet has become an everyday part of children’s lives - for school projects, talking to friends and accessing information from around the world. Here are a few online resources to help you and your child understand how to surf the web and ensure safe usage by all.

Videos on internet safety

Many children, parents and schools are already experiencing how Next Generation Learning can make learning exciting, interesting and fun. Find out more through our inspiring videos about how the responsible and safe use of online learning can help children to achieve.

Know it All for Parents

Childnet International’s website for parents offers free access to internet safety information (also available to order on CD). 

Know it All for Parents
Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

Advice on recognising and reporting cyberbullying and/or inappropriate online content and behaviour should you discover it.

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre
BBC Bully Proof

Tips from celebrities, handy guides to configure anti-bullying settings on social networking sites and a 24-hour free advice line if you are concerned about cyber bullying.

BBC Bullyproof