Hospitality Training Partnership Ltd

Hospitality Training Partnership Ltd (HTP) is a private training company delivering predominantly work-based qualifications for service industries across much of the south east of England.

As a training provider, and an expanding business, HTP recognise the importance of continuous improvement in the world of training and welcomed the opportunity the Training Quality Standard offered to develop their strategy and processes in relation to their work undertaken with employers.

HTP regularly review their management procedures and processes to ensure they are sufficiently robust to cope with the organisations growth and development. The Training Quality Standard provided the framework to conduct a systematic review.

The application process was very much a team effort, which in turn helped review how HTP works and improves as a whole organisation. The application and assessment process, although robust and demanding, was found to be relatively straightforward due to the support and guidance given.

HTP drew on experiences of the OFSTED process with one person acting as the central contact responsible for assisting staff to understand the process. All members of staff were keen to participate in the assessment to demonstrate the professional, responsive approach HTP takes with employers.

Despite it only being a few months since HTP achieved its Training Quality Standard Certification, the benefits and rewards are already being felt.

Vicki Bonnett, Director of HTP said;

“our customers see our certification as a statement about the quality and responsiveness of our provision” and we have already seen cases of employers “seeking them out”.

Other benefits include the encouragement of the Standard to review and strengthen management processes which has led to other improvements to the organisation. These include:

  • The formalisation of communication processes across the business
  • Clearer guidelines for new staff leading to improved confidence in their role
  • Improved staff moral through the recognition of the hard work undertaken to ensure employer needs are met

Vicki Bonnett, Director of HTP said:

“Without hesitation we would recommend that other organisations apply for the Standard - Our experience of the standard certification process has been extremely positive and rewarding.”

“The world is changing and we need to ensure that, as an organisation, we have systems in place to respond; the Training Quality Standard has helped ensure this is the case.”