If you’re thinking of registering for the Training Quality Standard, there are a few things you may wish to consider before you start your journey:

 tick Are you eligible for the Standard? Check our eligibility page to see if you meet the simple requirements
 tick Have you used our Readiness Check? It’s designed to help you and your organisation consider how ready you are for Training Quality Standard assessment
 tick Have you set aside enough time to write your Application? This part of the process can be quite time consuming, so you do need to ensure staff time is freed up to complete this
 tick Have you thought about scoping? You should spend time thinking about which parts of your organisation you need to include in your application. You should include every part that interacts with the employers you provide training solutions to
 tick Do you have systems and processes in place? The Training Quality Standard looks at the systems and processes that you have in place to deliver training and development solutions. Your processes should be consistent and documented
 tick Do you know who your customers are? As part of the process you will need to provide a full contact list of employer customers who you have provided training solutions to in the last twelve months
 tick Do you know the Standard? Read Introducing the Training Quality Standard  and look at the Assessment Framework so that you get a good idea of what the TQS is looking for
 tick Do you know the process? Take a look at our assessment process page so that you know what to expect
 tick Finally, when do you want to apply? The registration process will ask you to commit to a date to submit your Application form; give yourself enough time to go on a course, brief your staff and prepare your application.

You should now be ready to think about choosing the body who will assess you and formally registering with them – click here to find out more.