Mapping Guide

We recognise that the Training Quality Standard will be part of your overall approach to continuous quality improvement, and therefore know that you may already have gained recognition from other frameworks. For this reason we have taken the five leading quality assessment frameworks that the majority of TQS applicants use and identified how their framework indicators link to the indicators of the Standard.

The five frameworks compared and mapped to the Training Quality Standard are:

  • The Customer First Standard
  • The Customer Service Excellence Standard
  • The EFQM Excellence Model
  • The Investors in People Standard
  • The matrix Standard

For each of the five frameworks, we’ve mapped all of their indicators against all of the Part A indicators for the Training Quality Standard and, where relevant, we have also identified where any of those indicators map over to Part B indicators.

If you currently hold, or are familiar with, any of the above standards then our Mapping Guide provides information to help assist you in preparing your application. Identifying the links with other standards will help you use your prior knowledge/ learning in preparing your application for the Training Quality Standard.

However, when preparing your application you should not assume that links to indicators in other standards mean you can use the same evidence; you need to always make sure you are addressing what the indicators are asking you for. Nor should you assume that if you have gained accreditation from other standards, that you will automatically achieve Certification under the Training Quality Standard.

The full Mapping Guide can be found here.