Jaguar and Land Rover Case Study

The Jaguar and Land Rover Technical Academy achieved the Training Quality Standard for Employers in March 2008.

The Academy is dedicated to continuous improvement and felt that the Standard for Employers was a valuable opportunity for it to reflect on its current processes and assess how responsive it is to its customers and the wider company.

Dr Adrian Birch, Technical Training Delivery Manager, described the experience as

a very worthwhile exercisegoing through the Standard for Employers has made the organisation revisit its processes and make sure that they are being followed.”

However, going through the process has meant more to the Jaguar and Land Rover Academy than just being awarded Certification for the Training Quality Standard for Employers. Dr Adrian Birch and Stuart Rudd, Technical Training Supervisor who authored the application, discovered substantial further benefits for their organisation as they worked towards their achievement.

Chief amongst these benefits was the experience of the robust independent assessment process, which applying for the Standard for Employers entails. This began with the Academy team putting together an application which could tell the story of its plan, approaches and results, and how it reviews what it does to drive continual improvement.

When the Academy’s application was submitted, the assessment team reviewed it and then verified its claims through on-site visits, which provided the opportunity to talk to those involved and see how the Academy works in practice. It was at this stage that the Academy felt “the real benefit”, as assessment is carried out independently…

“I think the process is very robust and…provides an open and honest assessment….It is too easy to continue what you are doing and assume that it is the right thing to do without having an external measure.“

Jaguar and Land Rover deserve applause for being among the first to achieve the high bar required for Certification against the Training Quality Standard for Employers. Nevertheless, achieving the Standard for Employers means committing to the pursuit of continuous improvement and to this end, the assessment team has provided the Academy with detailed feedback on the strengths and areas for improvement identified through the process.

The Academy is celebrating its strengths but is equally as keen to tackle the areas for improvements straight away to further ”benefit both the customer and the companyand support the Academy’s continuous drive for excellence in training.”

Kevin Phelps (Jaguar Land Rover) receiving the Training Quality Certificate from David Lammy, Skills Minister.

Kevin Phelps (Jaguar Land Rover) receiving the Training Quality Standard for Employers Certificate from David Lammy, Skills Minister.