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Broadcasting and Cross Media Mergers

This policy area is now the responsibility of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). This page and all related content will be migrated to the DCMS website shortly, when details are finalised and announced to Parliament.

Acquisition by BSkyB plc of 17.9% of the share holding of ITV plc

26 February 2007 - The Secretary of State issued an intervention notice in respect of this transaction requiring the Office of Fair Trading and Ofcom to submit reports to him which they did on 27 April. (See links on the right).

24 May 2007 - The Secretary of State referred the transaction to the Competition Commission under Section 45(2) of the Enterprise Act. In accordance with Section 47(2) of that Act, the Competition Commission must now conduct a detailed investigation into the effects of the transaction both on competition and on the specified public interest consideration relating to the plurality of persons with control of media enterprises. Decision documents are linked to on the right.

26 June 2007 - The Secretary of State accepted statutory undertakings from BSkyB plc under paragraph 1(2) of Schedule 7 to the Enterprise Act for the purpose of preventing pre-emptive action. Such action is defined in paragraph 1(12) of Schedule 7 as action which might prejudice the Reference or impede the taking of any action by the Competition Commission or the Secretary of State. The undertakings are linked on the right.

In May, the Secretary of State sought Ofcom's views on certain questions relating to his decision on whether to refer BSkyB's acquisition of shares in ITV to the Competition Commission. Ofcom's response, provided pursuant to Section 106B of the Enterprise Act 2002, is published here in accordance with the requirements of that Act (see link on the right).

20 December 2007 - The Secretary of State publishes the Competition Commission's final report (see link on the right). He has until 29 January 2008 to take and announce his final decisions on the transaction.

29 January 2008 - The Secretary of State announces his final decisions on the case, including decisions on remedies (see link on the right).

02 January 2009 - The Secretary of State publishes for consultation draft undertakings implementing the remedies announced in his decision of 29 January 2008 (see link on right).

07 December 2009 - The Secretary of State publishes for consultation proposed modifications to the draft text of the final undertakings to be given by Sky (see Press Notice).

08 February 2010 - The Secretary of State accepts from Sky Final Undertakings to implement the remedies announced in the Secretary of State's decision of 29 January 2008 (see press notice). This finalised text of the Final Undertakings (PDF, 483 Kb)  incorporates the modifications we proposed to the original draft text, on which we previously consulted.

04 November 2010 - Secretary of State for Business, Vince Cable, issues an intervention notice on News Corp’s proposal to acquire the remaining BSkyB shares that it does not already own. 

BSkyB/News Corporation - BIS European Intervention Notice (PDF, 17 Kb)