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Business Plan

Our Business Plan sets out the Coalition Government’s priorities and key deliverables.

As part of the Government’s transparency drive, all departments are required to publish Business Plans. They set out in unprecedented detail the public sector reforms that the Government is undertaking, helping the public to hold Government to account.

You can read all the Business Plans on the transparency section of the Number 10 website.  

Our Business Plan has five sections: vision, coalition priorities, Structural Reform Plan, departmental expenditure and transparency.

View BIS’s Business Plan (PDF, 357 Kb)  

In his introductory vision, the Secretary of State, Vince Cable, says: “BIS is the department for growth. We have a key role to play in delivering the Coalition’s commitment to building a new and more responsible economic model, as well as delivering fairness and the objectives of the big society.”

The nine coalition priorities are based around four themes:

  • Secure an economy that is more dynamic and more balanced between public and private sectors and between regions
  • Safeguard the UK's long-term growth by promoting skills and by turning knowledge to commercial use
  • Stimulate enterprise and trade to drive the rebalancing and private sector growth we want to see
  • Remove Government as an obstacle to growth while ensuring responsible corporate behaviour.

The Structural Reform Plan sets out in detail the actions that the Department will take to deliver against its priorities. It is the final version of the draft that was published in July.

Structural Reform Plans are key tools for holding departments accountable, replacing the old top-down systems of targets and central micromanagement. Reports on Business Plan actions will be published monthly on the Number 10 website and also on the BIS website.

Departmental expenditure is the spending limits agreed in the Spending Review.  

Transparency is a key theme of the Coalition Government, and the Business Plan includes a significant section on it, covering our overall information strategy together with input indicators and impact indicators.

The Business Plan says: “Greater transparency across Government is at the heart of our commitment to enable the public to hold politicians and public bodies to account, to reduce the deficit and deliver better value for money in public spending.”

You can view all our transparency information we have released in the Transparency section of the website.

Transparency consultation

The information strategy and indicators in the transparency section of the Business Plan have been published for consultation to ensure that this section contains the most relevant and timely information and technically robust indicators.

The consultation ends on 31 January 2011 and the final plan will go live in April 2011.

Download the transparency consultation document (PDF, 82 Kb) 

We are particularly interested in comments in response to the following questions:

  • Are the draft indicators are the right ones to let you judge the performance of the department?  What indicators would you propose?
  • Are there are unpublished datasets or datasets not published in a format that you wish to access to reuse the data?
  • Have you have sufficient information about the services that BIS supports to allow you to make informed choices or judge the performance of these services?
  • Can we do more to engage you in helping us to meet our commitment to transparency and to make data available in the most helpful format.?
  • Should we be mandating or encouraging the publication of extra data, or data broken down in a different way?

To give your views to us, please email