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  • Consultation guidance

    14 Oct 2010

    The Government has a Code of Practice on Consultation. This Code sets out what people can expect from the Government when it runs formal, written consultation exercises on matters of policy or policy implementation.

  • Business sectors

    12 Oct 2010

    BIS's business sector units maintain one-to-one relationships with the leading firms in each industrial sector and represent their interests in the development of government policy and regulation.

  • Benchmark your innovation performance

    4 Oct 2010

    Most business leaders agree that in an increasingly competitive global economy, companies that fail to innovate will not survive. But they also recognise that there are various levels of innovation

  • Devolution

    4 Oct 2010

    How devolution affects the work of BIS – guide to devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales the Northern Ireland Assembly.

  • Clusters in the UK

    4 Oct 2010

    Clusters are geographic concentrations of inter-connected companies, specialised suppliers, service providers, firms in related industries, and associated institutions.

  • National Academies

    20 Sep 2010

    The National Academies receive government funding for specific projects and programmes, principally to allow a cadre of the most capable academics to work full-time on research.

  • Simplifying existing regulations

    2 Sep 2010

    The Government’s commitment to simplifying existing regulations in the UK and reducing the administrative burden they place upon businesses.

  • Better Regulation Policy

    2 Sep 2010

    How the Government tries to achieve the aims of the better regulation agenda, to eliminate obsolete and inefficient regulation, create user-friendly new guidelines and tackle inconsistencies in the regulatory system.

  • Improving Regulatory Delivery – putting business into the way we regulate

    2 Sep 2010

    Business is regulated and enforced by many different organisations. The Better Regulation Executive (BRE) works with regulators, departments, Non Departmental Public Bodies and Local Authorities to simplify their approach, understand the business perspective and improve the perception of enforcement and regulation.

  • Code of Practice on Guidance on Regulation

    2 Sep 2010

    A break down on the Code of Practice on Guidance on Regulation, which sets out eight golden rules that Government should follow, when publishing guidance for businesses and third sector organisations on how to comply with the law.

  • Economics, statistics and analysis

    1 Sep 2010

    The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) places statistics and analysis at the heart of policy-making. Economics plays a key role in policymaking in the Department. Economists advise on a range of policy issues, from productivity and competitiveness through to regional development and evaluation.

  • Evaluation of BIS's activities

    27 Aug 2010

    The Department's evaluation programme is co-ordinated by the Regulation, Appraisal and Evaluation Team, which helps ensure that robust evidence is gathered to measure the effects of the department's activities.

  • Government Offices

    10 Aug 2010

    As part of its commitment to localism, decentralisation and the rolling back of regional government, the Government has announced the abolition of the Government Office for London and the intention in principle to abolish the remaining eight Government Offices. The process will be subject to using the Spending Review to resolve consequential issues. The final decisions will be made at the end of the Spending Review in the autumn.

  • New Industry, New Jobs

    3 Aug 2010

    12 May 2010: Information on this page relates to policies of the previous government and may not be up to date.

  • Regional Investment

    26 Jul 2010

    Grant for Business Investment (GBI) provides a capital grant to businesses to support sustainable investment in England. Part of a range of Solutions for Business funded by government and available through Business Link.

  • 15 Jul 2010

  • National Skills Audit and a more responsive skills system

    15 Jul 2010

    The UK Commission for Employment and Skills' first National Skills Audit provides a high level assessment of labour market trends and current and future skills needs.

  • Skills Funding Agency

    15 Jul 2010

    BIS is transforming the skills system with the creation of the Skills Funding Agency which, from April 2010, has become the single funding provider for adult skills in England outside of higher education.

  • Funding councils

    2 Jul 2010

    The UK's higher education funding councils distribute public money for teaching and research to universities and colleges in England, Wales and Scotland. Higher Education in Northern Ireland is funded through the The Department for Employment and Learning.

  • Finance for innovation

    30 Jun 2010

    A comprehensive introduction to sources of finance for business investment in innovation and how to access them, is provided in The No Nonsense Guide to Finance for High Growth and Innovative Businesses (February 2010).

  • England’s Regional Development Agencies

    29 Jun 2010

    Following the General Election, the Government is committed to building a new economic model. This includes the creation of Local Enterprise Partnerships – joint local authority-business bodies brought forward by local authorities themselves to promote local economic development – to replace RDAs. In taking this work forward the Government wishes to ensure an orderly transition which maintains focus on delivery. Detailed proposals will follow in due course.

  • Research and development

    9 Jun 2010

    These pages are intended as a guide to help companies access the practical support to invest in R&D

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