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Employment matters

  • Bank holidays and British summertime

    18 Nov 2010

    History on the policy and legislation that have created the current arrangements for bank holidays and British summertime.

  • EMAR (Employment Market Analysis and Research)

    22 Dec 2010

    Employment Market Analysis and Research (EMAR) publications, reports and research, including background to the Workplace Employment Relations Survey

  • Employment Agency Standards inspectorate

    18 Nov 2010

    The Employment Agency Standards inspectorate (EAS) works with agencies, employers, and workers to ensure compliance with employment rights, particularly for vulnerable agency workers.

  • Employment Matters

    10 Nov 2010

    Overview of the employment policies being taken forward by BIS to promote best practice and effective employment relations

  • Employment rights

    18 Nov 2010

    Details and policy background to some of the topics relating to employment rights

  • Employment strategy

    18 Nov 2010

    Information on these pages relates to policies of the previous government and may not be up to date.

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