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We have accounts on the following social websites under the name 'bisgovuk'.

Twitter Twitter - get updates on all our policy areas, news and consultations or follow our other Twitter accounts for specific topics. How we useTwitter.

YouTube YouTube - watch exclusive videos around our announcements, campaigns and consultations. (YouTube user? Subscribe to our YouTube channel)

Flickr Flickr - view and download images of departmental events and visits. (Flickr user? Add bisgovuk as a contact on Flickr)

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With RSS (Really Simple Syndication) you can keep tabs on content from lots of websites in a single place. Find out how. This site has the following feeds:

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Latest press releases from our newsroom

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All speeches by BIS Ministers

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The most recently updated pages about our policy programmes

RSS icon Consultations
All BIS consultation documents

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All BIS publications

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Positions in BIS public bodies

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Vacancies at BIS

Commentable microsites

From time to time we set up temporary websites to get your comments and hold discussions around specific policy areas (each with their own RSS feeds - visit the sites to grab them). Currently, we've got:

See our policy on comments and moderation.

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