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Once the consultation deadline has passed and we have analysed the responses, we will publish the Government Response. We aim to do this within three months of the date the consultation closed.

Details of consultations run before June 2009 can be found on the National Archives website.

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  • A Long-Term Focus for Corporate Britain: A Call for Evidence

    Consultation period: 25 Oct 2010 to 14 Jan 2011

    Review into corporate governance and economic short-termism.

  • Trade white paper

    Consultation period: 05 Nov 2010 to 14 Jan 2011

    This Government recognise the importance of trade and investment to delivering long term growth and prosperity in the UK and around the world. We are working on an ambitious and comprehensive trade and investment strategy for the UK which will set out how the UK can make the most of international opportunities. This strategy will be set out in a White Paper which is due to be published at the turn of the year.

  • The EU Framework Programme: call for evidence

    Consultation period: 13 Oct 2010 to 04 Jan 2011

    This call for evidence document sets out details of the background to, and UK participation in, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development and explores areas where BIS would like to seek further views.

  • Code of Practice for Scientific Advisory Committees

    Consultation period: 17 Sep 2010 to 10 Dec 2010

    Published by the Government Office for Science, the Code of Practice for Scientific Advisory Committees sets out good practice in relation to the function and working of Scientific Advisory Committees (SACs).

  • Consumer Credit and Personal Insolvency: call for evidence

    Consultation period: 15 Oct 2010 to 10 Dec 2010

  • Implementing the revised EU Electronic Communications Framework – Overall approach and consultation on specific issues

    Consultation period: 13 Sep 2010 to 03 Dec 2010

    The Department for Business Innovation and Skills has launched its proposals for implementing the revised EU Electronic Communications Framework. This document sets out our preferred approach to implementation and asks questions on a limited number of specific issues. Stakeholders will have 12 weeks to respond to Government proposals.

  • Women On Boards: Call for Evidence

    Consultation period: 08 Oct 2010 to 30 Nov 2010

    The low proportion of women holding directorships suggests British business is not using all of the skills and talents of the workforce effectively. Government is committed to seeing swift change in this area, and this Call for Evidence is seeking views from across the business world.

  • The Future of Narrative Reporting: a Consultation

    Consultation period: 02 Aug 2010 to 19 Oct 2010

    Consultation paper seeking views on issues relating to corporate narrative reporting.

  • Call for evidence - convention on international interests in mobile equipment and protocol thereto on matters specific to aircraft equipment

    Consultation period: 30 Jul 2010 to 08 Oct 2010

    BIS is seeking evidence on whether the United Kingdom should move towards ratification of the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and the Protocol on Matters Specific to Aircraft Equipment, or take no further action at this time.

  • Call for evidence - Review of Offender Learning

    Consultation period: 20 Aug 2010 to 24 Sep 2010

    The review of offender learning announced by John Hayes, Minister of State for Further Education, Skills and Lifelong Learning, will assess progress against the policy framework set out in the Next Steps document and make recommendations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the arrangements. The review, undertaken jointly with the National Offender Management Service, is taking full account of the earlier strategic review of employment services for offenders (undertaken jointly between the Department for Work and Pensions and the Ministry of Justice), and will inform the Ministry of Justice’s Autumn Green Paper setting out the proposed approach to sentencing and rehabilitation reform.

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