What is supply2.gov.uk?

Supply2.gov.uk is a Government-backed initiative that focuses on lower-value public sector contracts (typically worth under £100,000). Developed by the Enterprise Directorate (ED), part of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and the Office of Government Commerce (OGC), Supply2.gov.uk will enable all organisations across the public sector to publicise their lower-value contract notices and, for the first time, all types of businesses will have access to these contract opportunities in a single location.

Supply2.gov.uk provides the business (particularly small business) community with all the contract information and support services they need to compete and be successful in the lucrative public sector contract arena. The site is the focus of the Government's initiative to make available to the business community contracts under the value of £100,000. Supply2.gov.uk provides registrants with free online access to search lower-value contracts, nationwide and allows suppliers to benefit from notification of the latest lower-value and high-value (OJEU) contract notices, via the Contract Alert service in their local area, free of charge.

Why choose Supply2.gov.uk?

Once registered on Supply2.gov.uk you can either search online for contract opportunities or set up a Daily Email Alert which will provide notification of lower-value and high-value (OJEU) contracts in a local location, and matching your Contract Alert Profile.. In addition you will also receive summary information of the contract opportunities for the immediate region of which your local location is part of (to view this information in full, click upgrade now). Supply2.gov.uk also makes Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) visible to public sector buyers through the Supply2.gov.uk Supplier Information Database (SID) and offers advice and support through the Resource Centre for smaller businesses wishing to tender for public sector contracts.

How do I register for Supply2.gov.uk?

Registering for Supply2.gov.uk couldn't be easier. Simply click register now, select to register as a supplier, choose your free alert location and then enter your contact details. A confirmation page will show you the area to which you will receive FREE Contract Alerts. You will then receive your username and password which will allow you access to the Supply2.gov.uk Supplier Activity Centre, where you can use the Online Search to view lower-value contract information nationwide.

What can I do once I am registered as a supplier on Supply2.gov.uk?

Supply2.gov.uk offers suppliers a range of facilities. Once logged in you can visit the Activity Centre to access the three primary functions of Supply2.gov.uk:

  • Online contract opportunity searching service
  • Set up and manage a Daily Email Alert service
  • Complete and publish your profile on the Supply2.gov.uk Supplier Information Database (SID)

How can I access contracts published on Supply2.gov.uk?

Supply2.gov.uk offers you the ability to run a Quick Search or an Advanced Search to search for contract opportunities posted on Supply2.gov.uk. By entering a time period and using keywords you can search the Supply2.gov.uk site for matching contract opportunities. The search will return you an analysis of the types of contract opportunities matching your search and you will be able to view the complete text of contract opportunities in your area. You will also be presented with a list of relevant high-value contract opportunities, to gain access to these you will be required to upgrade your subscription.

What is the Supply2.gov.uk Daily Email Alert Service?

Once registered and logged in, you are able from the Activity Centre to set up your Supply2.gov.uk Daily Contract Alert Profile. This service will allow you to create a profile matching your company's requirements. An alert will then be dispatched each working day to your email account containing contract information you have determined as relevant based on the keywords and CPV codes selected in your unique Contract Alert Profile.

What information is required to build my Supply2.gov.uk Daily Email Alert?

Your Supply2.gov.uk Daily Contract Alert Profile is driven by keywords or phrases (e.g. 'computer' or 'window cleaning') and CPV (Common Procurement Vocabulary) codes.

What are CPV codes and how do I use them?

CPV (Common Procurement Vocabulary) codes have been specially developed by the EU for public sector procurement. Buyers use CPV codes to classify their contracts by applying a code and description for the items they wish to procure. Suppliers can add CPV codes into their supplier profile to assist in the matching of contract opportunities. To assist you we have provided an easy online search where you can type in a word or word stem (e.g. 'computers' or 'comp') which will return matching CPV codes. By clicking the boxes next to the CPV codes you can include them in your profile or use them for online searching. View more information and download a list of CPV-2007 codes.

How do I update/amend my Supply2.gov.uk Daily Email Alert?

You can login to the Supply2.gov.uk portal and select to update your Daily Contract Alert Profile at any time from your Activity Centre.

How do I access Supply2.gov.uk contract notices outside my local alert location?

Once logged in to Supply2.gov.uk, the Online Search provides free access to lower-value contracts – nationwide. You will also be able to see a synopsis of high-value contracts which match your search criteria.

The Contract Alert service provides notification of contracts within your local alert location. You will be able to see a synopsis of high and lower-value contracts which match your Alert Profile but are outside your selected alert location.

You can select to upgrade your Contract Alert service at anytime to view full details of high and lower-value contracts delivered by your Contract Alert service, in a wider geographical area.

What is the Supply2.gov.uk Supplier Information Database (SID)?

The Supply2.gov.uk Supplier Information Database (SID) allows suppliers free access to create and manage their own unique profile of pre-qualification information. Included in this information are key company details along with the goods and services you provide. Once you have completed your supplier profile, you can 'publish' it on the Supply2.gov.uk SID. This ensures that your company information can be viewed and accessed by public sector buyers registered on Supply2.gov.uk who can perform a variety of searches using criteria such as products, services or locations.

How often is the Supply2.gov.uk portal updated?

The Supply2.gov.uk portal is updated on a daily basis. Buyers can submit contract opportunities at any point and each opportunity will appear on the site within 24 hours of submission.

Is support available to answer my questions regarding Supply2.gov.uk?

Yes, support is available through a variety of channels. Contract opportunities may raise queries as they contain so much information, so we have provided online user guides as well as interactive demonstration tools and integrated help functions. If, however, you still have any unanswered questions, we provide a complete support service. Please use the Contact Us form to submit your query.

Who should I contact if a buyer has acted inappropriately?

The OGC's Supplier Feedback Service provides a clear, structured and direct route for suppliers and public bodies to raise concerns about significant or systemic instances of poor practice in public sector procurement. The Service is managed by OGC - the Government body with responsibility for setting standards and best practice in this area.

Feedback should be submitted via an online form, available from the OGC website, which will be considered by a team of procurement policy specialists.

Please visit the OGC website for further information.

What are the different types of Supply2.gov.uk contract opportunities?

Competitive Contract Notice
Contract opportunities that are typically worth under £100,000 will be categorised as a Competitive Contract Notices and will be classified by the 'Nature of the Contract' of which there are four categories: Works, Services, Goods or Research (scientific).

  • Competitive Contract Notice will state the requirements of the opportunity.
  • Competitive Contract Addendum will highlight any changes or amendments to or provide notification of cancellation of a published Competitive Contract Notice.
  • Competitive Contract Award will publish details of the company or companies which have been awarded the contract opportunity.

Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU)
Contract opportunities worth above £100,000 and submitted via the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) will be given a specific OJEU reference and will again be classified by 'Nature of Contract'.

Procedure Types

  • Open procedure: A procedure where suppliers can apply without prior selection. The EU Directives lay down the type of criteria which can be used to eliminate unqualified or unsuitable suppliers.
  • Restricted procedure: A procedure where suppliers are selected by an open first-round invitation. All prospective suppliers can apply to be included in the restricted list for the contract. Those suppliers who then meet the required criteria will then be invited to tender.
  • Negotiated procedure: A procedure where only chosen suppliers are invited to negotiate contracts. May be used in limited circumstances - e.g. extreme urgency, failure of open/restricted procedures to yield valid tenders, repetition of similar work.
  • Accelerated restricted or negotiated procedure: A procedure where the length of time of the procurement response process may be shortened to accommodate unforeseen circumstances and/or emergency situations.

Can I get advice on dealing with the public sector?

Yes. As a Supply2.gov.uk subscriber you will have access to our Resource Centre. Here you will find links to industry bodies, EU Directives, supplier guidances, seminars and events, a glossary and further FAQs.

Can I register on www.supply2.gov.uk if I do not have a UK address?

Yes, just complete the registration form with your address details and you will receive a username and password. You can then choose any local alert location free of charge or upgrade your level of access from the upgrade menu in the 'My Details' section in your Activity Centre.

How do I renew my current access levels?

In order to continue with your current access levels, please log in to your account and choose the subscription renewal link from the Activity Centre menu to continue receiving contract opportunities for your chosen location.

How do I change my current access levels?

To change your current access levels, please log in to your account and choose the subscription renewal link from the Activity Centre menu or choose the upgrade option from my details on the left-hand side of the screen.

Why has my subscription renewal price increased?

Following the first year of your subscription, in which you obtained complimentary access to high-value (OJEU) notices, access is now subject to a fee of £95 plus VAT for your local area. If you do not wish to maintain this level of access, please visit ‘My Details’ from your Activity Centre and then select ‘current access levels’ to downgrade your level of access.

Will I be notified when my account is due for renewal?

When your account is due for renewal you will be notified by email 28, 14 and 7 days before your expiry date and again 48 hours in advance. Full instructions will be given on how you can renew your current access levels.

How do I ensure I am not charged for a subscription renewal next year?

Please log in to www.supply2.gov.uk and from the left-hand navigation menu please visit my details and then select current access levels to downgrade or cancel your account.

Please note that, after you have completed the process, the system will then schedule your request to be completed on your renewal date. Until this date, you will benefit from the Daily Email Alert service for Supply2.gov.uk.

Where can I access subcontracting opportunities relating to the London 2012 Olympic Games?

Subcontracting opportunities relating to the London 2012 Olympic Games are available to view online to all Supply2.gov.uk registrants free of charge by logging in to the portal.

London 2012 subcontracting opportunities matching your profile and contained within your free chosen geographical location will also appear in your Daily Email Alert and through the Online Contract Search service.

Should you wish to be notified daily of London 2012 subcontracting opportunities (as well as other opportunities) outside your current level of subscription, you will need to upgrade to the relevant location(s) for these opportunities to be included in your Daily Email Alert.

Please log in to the portal and follow the link in the Activity Centre to view all London 2012 subcontracting opportunities.

How can I ensure that I'm receiving your emails?

To ensure that your Supply2.gov.uk emails, including daily email alerts, are successfully delivered to your inbox, please add info@supply2.gov.uk
and alert-service@supply2.gov.uk to your address book and/or safe lists.

What is CompeteFor?

CompeteFor.com is an award-winning website that allows businesses to apply for contract opportunities linked to the London 2012 Olympic Games. The website matches both private and public sector contract opportunities within the London 2012 supply chain to businesses of all sizes and allows them to apply using a short online process.

To apply for contracts listed on CompeteFor as a supplier, you must complete and publish a full business profile. Once your profile is published, you will also be able to track your activity and search for other suppliers with whom you may wish to partner. You will not be able to respond to available opportunities until your profile is fully published.

Any other queries?

We hope that we have made Supply2.gov.uk very user friendly, and in order to support your use of this site we have provided online user guides within the help section as well as integrated help functions. If, however, you still have any unanswered questions, we provide a complete support service. Please use the Contact Us form to submit your query.