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From left: Stephen Smith, Dr Liam Fox, William Hague and Kevin Rudd Defence Secretary visits Australia

Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox and Foreign Secretary William Hague are currently visiting Australia accompanied by Sir Peter Ricketts, the National Security Adviser, and General Sir... 19 Jan 11

Lynx helicopter Navy helicopter crews prepare for Helmand

Sailors and Royal Marines from 847 Naval Air Squadron (NAS) are preparing to return to the front... 19 Jan 11

A soldier passes a 'local' in the mock Afghan village Army train in the Middle East of England

Troops from 1st Battalion The Rifles have been going through the final stages of their... 18 Jan 11

Afghan police officer New police station for Nad 'Ali

A newly-built police station has been opened this week in Chah-e Anjir, a key town in the northern... 18 Jan 11

Ranger Allen and Lance Bombardier Parkinson Injured soldiers receive warm welcome in Gibraltar

Three soldiers seriously injured in Afghanistan have been visibly moved by the warmth of the welcome... 18 Jan 11

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Harrier bids farewell
Harrier bids farewell
Tributes were paid to the joint force of Royal Navy and RAF Harrier jump jets as they took to the skies from their base at RAF Cottesmore for the last time.
2 SCOTS neutralise IED facility
2 SCOTS neutralise IED facility
Soldiers from 2 SCOTS have found and neutralised a Taliban facility for producing deadly improvised explosive devices in Afghanistan's Helmand province.

Service News

Royal Navy:

A serviceman approaches HMS Gannet's Search and Rescue helicopter Busy week for Royal Navy Search and Rescue crews

The Royal Navy duty Search and Rescue crews from HMS Gannet at Prestwick in Ayrshire have just... 12 Jan 11

British Army:

Walking With The Wounded expedition team Injured soldiers chosen for North Pole expedition

Four soldiers, severely injured during operations in Afghanistan, have been chosen as the 'Walking... 13 Jan 11

Royal Air Force:

Wing Commander Matt Stowers and Squadron Leader Jules Weekes in France RAF officers prepare for North Pole expedition

Two members of the RAF Regiment are currently preparing for an expedition that will see them ski,... 12 Jan 11

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Operations in Afghanistan

New police station for Nad 'Ali

A newly-built police station has been opened this week in Chah-e Anjir, a key...18 Jan 11

Paras provide security for local shura

British soldiers marked a security success this weekend by facilitating a...17 Jan 11

Improved security allows British troops to close Afghan base

The transition of security responsibilities from British to Afghan forces has...17 Jan 11

Soldiers defuse record number of Taliban IEDs

A team of British Army bomb disposal specialists have found and rendered safe 12...14 Jan 11

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