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Have you ever been confused by criminal justice jargon and would like to know what all the initials and acronyms mean?

Here is your A-Z, jargon-busting guide to the CJS in Norfolk.

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A&E Accident and Emergency
AA Automobile Association
AAIB Air Accident Investigation Branch (Government)
ABC Acceptable Behaviour Contract (Community Safety)
ABEG Achieving Best Evidence Guidelines
ABH Actual Bodily Harm
ABI Association of British Insurers
ABI MIAFTR (Online database of motor vehicle insurance claims)
ACC Assistant Chief Constable
ACPC Area Child Protection Committee
ACPO Association of Chief Police Officers
ACPORP Association of Chief Police Officers Road Policing Committee
ACUs Area Command Units
ADAS Agricultural Development and Advisory Service
ADR European Agreement concerning the international carriage of Dangerous goods by Road
AEAC Atomic Energy Authority Constabulary
AFO Authorised Firearms Officer
AFR Automatic Fingerprint Recognition
AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIS(M) Military Aeronautical Information Service
AIU Accident Investigation Unit
ALO Architect Liaison Officer (Community Safety)
ANPR Automatic Number Plate Recognition/Reader
AoJ Administration of Justice
APA Association of Police Authorities
APC Adult Protection Committee
APS Acting Police Sergeant or Accelerated Promotion Scheme
ARCC Aeronautical Rescue Co-ordination Centre
ART Aggression Replacement Training Programme
ARV Armed Response Vehicle
ASBO Anti-Social Behavioural Order (Community Safety)
ASNT Area Searched No Trace
ASP (Police baton)
ASRO Addressing Substance Related Offending Programme
ASSET Assessment tool used by the Youth Offending Team to identify the needs of offenders (Community Safety)
ASU Air Support Unit or Admin Support Unit
ATM Area Training Manager
ATO Area Training Officer
AVLS Automatic Vehicle Location Systems (Tracker)


BAPCO British Association of Public Safety Communication Officers
BASICS British Association of Immediate Care Schemes
BAWP British Association of Women Police
BCS British Crime Survey
BCU Basic Command Unit
BEM British Empire Medal
BLEVE Boiling Liquid Expansion Vapour Explosion
BMA British Medical Association
BPA Black Police Association (Community Safety)
BST British Summer Time
BT British Telecom
BTP British Transport Police
BVPI Best Value Performance Indicator
BVRLA British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association

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CAA Civil Aviation Authority
CAD Communities Against Drugs A government funding stream for Community Safety Partnership and DAT's (Community Safety)
CAG Chief Constables Advisory Group
CAP Community and Police Groups
CBE Commander of the (Order of the) British Empire
CBO Community Beat Officer
CBRN Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear
CBT Compulsory Basic Training (relates to motorcycle and moped tests)
CBT Case Building Team
CBU Case Building Unit
CCTV Closed Circuit Television
CD to P Complainant declines to prosecute
CDO Civilian Detention Officer
CDRP Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership - rebranded Community Safety Parnersips - CSPs - in early 2010
CEPO County Emergency Planning Officer
CHEMSAFE Chemical industry Scheme for Assistance in Freight Emergencies
Childrens Fund A fund to address the gap in preventative services for young people at risk of social exclusion (Community Safety)
CHIS Covert Human Intelligence Source
CIA Crime Intelligence Analyst / Chemical Industries Association
CICA Criminal Injuries Compensation Authorities
CICB Criminal Injuries Compensation Board
CID Criminal Investigation Department
CIREA Centre for Information, Reflection and Exchange on Asylum - EU working group - designed to aid exchange of information on conditions in asylum seekers' countries of origin
CIU Collision Investigation Unit
CJA Criminal Justice Act
CJS Criminal Justice System
CJS (within Constabulary) Criminal Justice Services
CJU Criminal Justice Unit
CJX Criminal Justice Network see also PNN2
CLI Call Line Identification
CNEN County Non Emergency Number - 0845 456 4567
COMAH Control of Major Accident Hazards
Community Plan A long term plan produced by each District Authority to ensure the social, economic and environmental well being of a community (Community Safety)
Community Safety A partnership forum under Sects 5 and 6 of Crime and Disorder Act 1998 (Community Safety)
Comsaf Community Safety
Connexions A new guidance service for 13-19 year olds (Community Safety)
COSHH Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations CPA Crime Pattern Analysis or Child Protection Agency
CPBW Community Penalty Breach Warrant
CPDA Crime Prevention Design Advisor (Same as ALO) (Community Safety)
CPIA Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996
CPIU Child Protection Investigation Unit
CPO Community Punishment Orders / Community Punishment Orders
CPRO Community Punishment and Rehabilitation Orders
CPS Crown Prosecution Service
CPTED Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (Community Safety)
CPU Child Protection Unit
CRB Crime Reporting Bureau
CRE Commission for Racial Equality
CRIS Caravan Registration and Identification Scheme
CRO Criminal Records Office / Cave Rescue Organisation / Community Rehabilitation Orders
CROP Covert Rural Observation Point
CRU Crime Reporting Unit
CRUSE Voluntary organisation for the counselling of the bereaved)
CS (Incapacitating Spray)
CSG-CR County Strategic Group (Crime Reduction)
CSO Community Support Officer
CSP Community Safety Partnership
CTO Central Ticket Office
CTS Counter Terrorist Search
CTU Counter Terrorism Unit
CVRS Contract Vehicle Recovery Scheme
CVS Council for Voluntary Services (Community Safety)
CYP Children and Young Persons

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DAFS Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for Scotland
DARG Drug and Alcohol Reference Group (Community Safety)
DAAT Drug and Alcohol Action Team
DCC Deputy Chief Constable
DCI Detective Chief Inspector
DCMS The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (Government)
DEFRA Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Government)
DEO Divisional Enquiry Officer
DETR Department of the Environment Transport and the Regions
DFES Department For Education and Skills (Government)
DI Detective Inspector
DID Drink Impaired Drivers Programme
DIP Drug Interventions Programme
DISC Diversity Incorporating Safer Communities
DLO Disability Liaison Officer
DNA Dioxyribonucleic Acid
DOB Date of Birth
DP Detained Person
DPAS Drug Prevention Advisory Service (Community Safety)
DPP Director of Public Prosecutions
DRS Driver Rectification Scheme
DS Detective Superintendent / Detective Sergeant
DSS Department of Social Security
DTI Department of Trade and Industry
DTLR Transport Local Government Regions
DTTO Drug Treatment and Testing Order. A community sentence aimed at tackling drug misuse linked to offending (Community Safety)
DUMV Damage to Unattended Motor Vehicle
DVLA Driving Vehicle Licensing Authority
DVLC Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre
DYO Deter Young Offenders

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EAH Early Administrative Hearing
EC European Commission
ECHR European Convention on Human Rights
ECU European Currency Unit now the Euro (€)
EEA European Economic Area
EEC European Economic Community
EFPN Endorseable Fixed Penalty Notice
EFQM European Foundation of Quality Management
E-Gov E Government the government project to unify and create unified information systems throughout public service
EGT Evidence Gathering Team
EHO Environmental Health Officer
ELO Explosives Liaison Officer
EO Equal Opportunities
EOD Explosives Ordnance Disposal
ERB Emergency Response Belt (Used to safely restrain violent prisoners)
ERDF European Rural Development Fund (Objective 2) (Community Safety)
ESF European Social Fund (Objective 3 Training/skills and life long learning) (Community Safety)
ETA Expected Time of Arrival

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F/T Full-time
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigations
FBO Football Banning Order
FBOA Football Banning Order Authority
FBU Fire Brigades Union
FCO Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Government)
FCR Force Control Room
FEO Firearms Enquiry Officer
FFENQ Foreign Force Enquiry
FIB Force Intelligence Bureau was Force Identification Bureau
FIO Field Intelligence Officer or Football Intelligence Officer
FIR Force Information Room
FIU Force Intelligence Unit or Football Intelligence Unit
FLO Family Liaison Officer (Fatal Road Traffic Collisions) or Football Liaison Officer
FoV Focus on Violence Programme for Men and Women
FPN Fixed Penalty Notice
FPRI Fine Payment Rate Indicator
FPT Fixed Penalty Ticket
FPU Family Protection Unit
FSS Forensic Science Service
FSSL Forensic Science Service Laboratory
FTA Warrant Failure To Appear Bench Warrant
FTE Full Time Employed

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GAIN Government Agency Intelligence Network
GBH Grievous Bodily Harm
GLO Gay Liaison Officer
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
GO East Government Office East
GOYH Government Office Yorkshire and Humber (Community Safety)
GP General Practitioner
GPA Gay Police Association
GPR Guilty Plea Rate
GSE Global Security Environment
GSM (Mobile phone standard in Europe)
GTA Government Technical Adviser
GU Genito-Urinary (clinic)
GYS Great Yorkshire Show


HAZCHEM HAZardous CHEMicals (Marking Scheme)
HGV Heavy Goods Vehicle
HMCE Her Majesty's Customs and Excise
HMCG Her Majesty's Coast Guard
HMCS Her Majesty's Court Services
HMIC Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary
HMICA Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Court Administration
HMP Her Majesty's Prison HMSO Her Majesty's Stationary Office
HO Home Office
HOLAB Home Office Laboratory form
HOLMES/ HOLMES II Home Office Large and Major Enquiry System (Computer system for major incidents)
HOPD Home Office Prison Department
HORT/1 Home Office Road Traffic Form 1
HQ Headquarters
HR Human Resources
HSC Health and Safety Commission
HSE Health and Safety Executive

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ICPO International Criminal Police Organisation
ICRP International Commission on Radiological Protection
ICVA Independent Custody Visitors Association
ID Identification
IDEA Improvement and Development Agency (for Local Government)
IED Improvised Explosive Device
IGC Intergovernmental Consultations - Country of Origin Information Working Group - designed to aid exchange of information on conditions in asylum seekers' countries of origin
IMDG International Maritime Dangerous Goods
IND Immigration and Nationality Directorate Index of Multiple Deprivation A government scoring mechanism to identify the most socially deprived wards in the county (Community Safety)
IO Investigating Officer
IOM Integrated Offender Management
IP Injured Party (Crime and RTA)
IPA International Police Association
IPLDP Initial Police Learning and Development Programme
IPR Intellectual Property Rights
IPTF International Police Task Force
IPU International Police Unit
IRR Ionising Radiation Regulations
IS Information Systems IT Information Technology


JSEODC Joint Service Explosive Ordnance Disposal Report Centre


LAA Local Area Agreement
Lesbian and Gay Police Association
LAP Local Area Policing
LAPG Local Adult Protection Groups
LCJB Local Criminal Justice Board
LCPC Local area Child Protection Committee
LEA Local Education Authority
LGA Local Government Association - originated the Local PSAs concept
LGC Laboratory of the Government Chemist
LGV Light Goods Vehicle
LIO Local Intelligence Office(r)
Libra Link A means of conveying data electronically from the Police to the Courts Service
LSC Legal Services Commission
LSE Local Security Environment
LSP Local Strategic Partnership. District wide top level partnership to ensure joined up service delivery. They produce the Community Plan (Community Safety)

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M Of G Manual of guidance
MACC Military Aid to the Civil Community
MAFF Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
MAIB Marine Accident Investigation Branch
Mainstreaming A term used to show the implementation of Sect 17 Crime and Disorder Act (Community Safety)
MAPPA Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements
MAPPP Multi Agency Public Protection Panel
MAST Mutual Aid Support Team
MATO Military Air Traffic Operations
MBE Member of the (Order of the) British Empire
MCA Maritime & Coastguard Agency
MDP (MoDP) Ministry of Defence Police MESMAC A Sexual Health Organisation working with Gay and Bisexual men
MFH Missing From Home
MIBK Methyl Iso-butyl Ketone
MID Motor Insurance Database
MISPER Missing Person
MO Modus Operandi
MOD Ministry of Defence
MODACE Management of Disaster and Civil Emergency
MOE Method of Entry - trained officers and method of gaining entry to houses etc
MOE Method of Entry
MORI Social Research Institute
MOT Ministry of Transport test
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MP Member of Parliament
MRCC Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre
MRSC Marine Rescue Sub-Centre

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NACOSS National Approval Council for Security Systems
NACRO National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders
NAFIS National Automatic Fingerprint Identification System
NAI Non-Accidental Injury
NAIR National Arrangements for Incidents involving Radioactivity
NASS National Asylum Seekers Service (Community Safety)
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NBM National Briefing Model
NCEC National Chemical Emergency Centre
NCF National Crime Faculty
NCF National Competency Framework
NCJB - Norfolk Criminal Justice Board
NCIS National Criminal Intelligence Service
NCOF National Crime and operations Faculty
NCS National Crime Squad
N-DAP Norfolk Drug & Alcohol Partnership
NETCU National Extremism Tactical Co-ordination Unit
NFA No Further Action
NFIU National Football Intelligence Unit
NFU National Farmers Union
NHS National Health Service
NI National Insurance
NIHHS Notification of Installations Handling Hazardous Substances
NIM National Intelligence Model
NIP Notice of Intended Prosecution NIREP Nuclear Industry Road Emergency Plan
NIS National Identification Service
NMIS National Management Information Systems
NNREC Norwich & Norfolk Race Equality Council
NOMS National Offender Management Scheme
No Secrets Interagency Steering Group - Protection of vulnerable adults
from abuse NRPB National Radiological Protection Board
NSCCC (the Royal Navy's casualty reporting system)
NSNR National Strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal (Community Safety)
NSPCC National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children NSPIS National * Police Information Systems
NTSS No Trace Suspect Stolen (PNC)
NVASEC National Voluntary Aid Societies' Emergency Committee
NVC Non Verbal Communication
NVQ National Vocational Qualification
NCC Norfolk County Council
NYOT Norfolk Youth Offending Team

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OBTJ Offences Brought to Justice
OCC Operations Command Center - Police HQ Wymondham
OCJR Office Criminal Justice Reform
OFG Operational Firearms Group
OFT Office of Fair Trading
OGC Office of Government Commerce
OIC Officer in Case or Officer in Charge
OJEC Official Journal of the European Communities
One-Eighty Norfolk (180 Norfolk) - the brand name for Norfolk's programme of Integrated Offender Management (IOM) 
OPL Over Prescribed Limit (Drink Driving)
OPSR Office of Public Services Reform
OS Ordinance Survey
OSC Office of the Surveillance Commissioners
OSCE Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe
OSO Operational Support Officer
OSPRE Objective Structured Performance Related Examination
OTD Other Than Dwelling i.e. Burglary O.T.D.

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P/T Part-time
PAA Police Athletic Association
PACC Police Authority Community Consultation
PACE Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984
PACT Partnership Against Crime Taskforce
PAG Police Advisory Group
PAVA A synthetic pepper spray
PAYE Pay as You Earn
PC Police Constable / Personal Computer
PCA Police Complaints Authority
PCSO Police Community Safety Officer
PCTs Primary Care Trusts formed 1/4/02 to replace old Health Authority (Community Safety)
PCV Passenger Carrying Vehicle
PCV Passenger Carrying Vehicle
PDA Personal Digital Assistant (Handheld Computer)
PDF Partnership Development Fund. A government fund to assist the development of partnerships (Community Safety)Or Personal Descriptive Form
PDP Professional Development Profile
PDR Personal Development Review
PEACE Prepare/planning, Engage & explain, Account. Closure, Evaluation
PFR Police Federation Regulations 1969
PICs Police Investigation Centres
PID Project Initiation Document (Human Rights Audit 2000-2001)
PII Public Interest Immunity
PIMS Police Informant Management System
PIN Personal Identification Number
PIO Public Information Office or Principle Investigating Officer
PIR Police Initial Recruitment or Passive Infra-Red
PITO Police IT Organisation
PM Post Mortem
PMAS Police Mutual Assurance Society
PMB Police Monitoring Board
PMDU The Prime Minister's Delivery Unit - to strengthen the capacity of Whitehall to deliver the Government's key objectives the Prime Minister has established a Delivery Unit based in the Cabinet Office. The role of the Unit is to ensure that the Gov. achieves its priority objectives during this Parliament across the key areas of public service, which includes crime. PNB Police Negotiating Board/Pay and Conditions Working Group or Pocket Note Book
PNC Police National Computer
PNCB Police National Computer Bureau
PNCD Police National Computer Database
PND Penalty Notice of Disorder
PNLD Police National Legal Database
PNN2 Criminal Justice Network See Also CJX
PODS Policing on Doorsteps
POE Point of Entry
POLSA Police Search Advisor
POP Problem Oriented Policing or Partnership (Community Safety)
POs Persistent Offenders
POTAC Public Order Tactical Advisor
PPAF Police Performance Accountability Framework
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
PPMO Program & Project Management Office - now Programs Unit
PPOs Prolific and other Priority Offenders
PPT Prisoner Processing Team
PRCU Policing and Reducing Crime Unit
PRIME Problem Solving in Multi-agency Environments
PRISM Programme Reducing Individual Substance Misuse PRU Pupil Referral Unit
PSA Public Service Agreement. A government initiative where rewards are given to local authorities if they deliver against agreed challenging targets (Community Safety) - Under local PSAs authorities sign up to demanding targets to further improve outcomes beyond what has already been planned, in return for up-front investment in services, substantial reward grants for meeting targets, and the opportunity to negotiate administrative freedoms and flexibilities with the Government. Targets for performance indicators are set across a wide range of services eg. Crime prevention.
PSDB Police Scientific Development Branch
PSSO Police Skills and Standards Organisation
PSU Police Support Unit
PSV Public Service Vehicle
PTC Police Training Centre
PTI Physical Training Instructor
PTS Post-traumatic Stress
PYO Persistent Young Offender. A 10-17 year old sentenced in court on 3 or more occasions within a 3 year period (Community Safety)

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QA Quality Assurance
QGM Queen's Gallantry Medal
QPM Queens Police Medal or Quality and Performance Management
QUEST Query Using Extended Search Techniques


RAC Royal Automobile Club
RAF Royal Air Force
RAG Report  Red Amber Green Report (Where Red = Problematic, Amber = Risk of becoming a problem and Green = Meeting Targets)
RAYNET Radio Amateurs' Emergency Network
RDA Regional Development Agency (Community Safety)
RDS Rural Development Service
REC Racial Equality Councils
Regional Assembly The regional seat of government (Community Safety)
Restorative Justice Work with victims and offenders aimed at offenders understanding the consequences of their crime (Community Safety)
REVCOM Radio Emergency Volunteer Communication
RID (International regulations concerning the carriage of dangerous goods by rail)
RIDDOR Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations
RIMNET (Radioactive monitoring network system)
RIO Rail Incident Officer
RIPA Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act
RISC Rental Industry Secure Customer
RIU The Regulatory Impact Unit Scrutiny Team - part of the Cabinet Office's Modernising Government agenda to help spread best practice on good policy and regulation
RJ Restorative Justice
RK Registered Keeper (PNC Checks etc)
RODS Referral Order Division Scheme
ROSPA Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
ROTI Record of Taped Interview
ROVI Record of Video Interview
RP Reporting Person (Incidents, Crime, RTCs etc)
RPG Road Policing Group
RSI Roadside Interview or Repetitive Strain Injury
RSO Registered Sex Offender
RSPB Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
RSPCA Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals 
RTC Road Traffic Collision

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SAR Search and Rescue
SARDA Search and Rescue Dog Association
SARSAT Search and Rescue Satellite System
SAYE Save as You Earn
SB Special Branch
SCAN Scientific Content Analysis (highlight deceptions within written statements)
SCAS Serious Crime Analysis Section (of the NCOF)
SCC Senior Command Course
SCI Safer Communities Initiative. A fund to replace the crime reduction fund administered by the Home Office (Community Safety)
SDVCs Specialist Domestic Violence Courts
Section 115 Crime & Disorder Act Section that allows the exchange of information between partnership agencies to help reduce crime (Community Safety)
Section 17 Crime & Disorder Act Section requires all local authorities including police authorities to consider crime and disorder reduction when exercising their duties (Community Safety)
Secured by Design An award for developers which build to guidelines to reduce the opportunity for crime (Community Safety)
Secured Car Parks A 1 year certificate for car parks with effective measures to create a safe (Community Safety)
SEG (Ministry of Defence police) Special Escort Group
SEU Social Exclusion Unit - set up to help improve Government action to reduce social exclusion by producing joined-up solutions to complex issues for which no single Gov. Dept. has responsibility, or which falls between the responsibilities of several Depts. (Teenage Pregnancy Unit in the Dept. of Health, the Rough Sleepers Unit in DTLR, the Children and Young Peoples Unit in DfES and the Neighbourhood Unit in DTLR)
SGLR Senior Government Liaison Representative
SID Source Input Document
SIESO Society of Industrial Emergency Services Officers
SIO Senior Investigating Officer -usually a DCI or DS SIPS Standard Instructions and Plans
SIS Social Information Systems (commissioned by Youth Justice Board to get info, held by police on children under the age of criminal responsibility)
SLA Service Level Agreement
SLP Self-Loading Pistol
SMART Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-framed
SNEN Single Non Emergency Number (National proposed scheme)
SNT Safer Neighbourhoods Team
SOC Scenes of Crime
SOCO Scenes Of Crime Officer
SOLAP Student Officer Learning and Assessment Portfolio
SPOC Single Point Of Contact (new forms)
SPP Special Priority Payment
SRB Single Regeneration Budget. A government fund (Community Safety)
SRR Search and Rescue Region
SSAIB Security Systems and Alarm Inspections Board
SSSJ Simple Speedy Summary Jusice
Staff 1 The standard contract of employment for police support staff.
SYOPS Guidance & Instructions for Information Security

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TC Traffic Constable
TCG Tasking and Coordinating Group
TDA Take and Drive away (vehicle)
TER The National Plant and Equipment Register
TETRA Terrestrial Trunked Radio
TFT Tactical Firearms Team
TFU Tactical Firearms Unit
TIC Taken into Consideration
TIG Trials Issues Group
Toolkits Crime Reduction website showing best practice on a number of issues www.crimereduction.gov.uk (Community Safety)
ToR Terms of Reference
TPAC Tactical Pursuit and Containment
TPU Tactical Planning Unit
TS Traffic Sergeant
TSU Technical Support Unit
TUMV Theft from Unattended Motor Vehicle
TWLA Taken Without Lawful Authority (i.e. vehicle)
TWOC Taken Without Owners Consent (i.e. vehicle)


UDT Unarmed Defensive Tactic
UHF Ultra High Frequency
UK United Kingdom
UKCA United Kingdom Central Authority
UKPIA United Kingdom Petroleum Industry Association
UN United Nations
UNISON (Civilian workers' trades union)
UV Ultra Violet


VAD Vehicle Audit Document
VAS Voluntary Aid Societies
VASCAR Visual Average Speed Computer And Recorder
VAT Value Added Tax
VaWS Victims and Witnesses Services
VDR Vehicle Defect Rectification
VDRS Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme
VEL Vehicle Excise License
VHF Very High Frequency
VHS Video Home System
VIP Very Important Person
VIPER Video Identification Parade Electronic Recording
VODS Vehicle On-line Descriptive Search
VRF Volunteer Reserve Forces
VSS Victim Support Scheme

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WAVES Witness and Victims Experience Survey
WDA Waste Disposal Authority
WOFF (Woffed) Write Off
WRVS Women's Royal Voluntary Service
WYSiWYG What You See is What You Get - a term used within I.T. to describe a program or application that writes computer code through a simple interface.


YACAB Youth Action Combating Anti-Social Behaviour
YAO Youth Action Officer
YCAP Youth Crime Action Plan
YIP Youth Inclusion Programmes
YJB Youth Justice Board
YJS Youth Justice Services
YMCA Young Mens Christian Association
YOT Youth Offending Team (Community Safety)
VS Victim Support - agency helping victims of crime
YWCA Young Womens Christian Association

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