Queen Street


Six hundred residential apartments and new supermarket for Preston, Lancashire. Designed by Countryside Properties.

10 November 2006

Planning reference: 06/2006/0100

Tagged with: Retail | Commercial | Design review | Design review panel | Housing | North West

Although we think it possible that this quantum of development could be successfully accommodated here, we believe that option studies are required to explore how to configure the quantum. We doubt that buildings of the heights proposed would be part of a successful solution.

We acknowledge the changes made to the scheme and think that the re-alignment of the access road into the site is an improvement. However, the arrangement of buildings, routes, and public and private spaces still does not conform to many of the fundamental principles of good urban design (please see ODPM/CABE's publication By Design). The blocks relate extremely poorly to their surroundings and to each other.

We believe that a fresh start is required. Having seen two previous iterations of this scheme and given its current failings, we see no evidence that the designers of the scheme are able to create what is required: a real urban neighbourhood in this central part of Preston. The proposal does not conform to PPS1 and we would strongly object to the scheme being awarded planning consent.