Sainsbury's Supermarket, Greenwich Peninsula


Sainsbury's Supermarket, Greenwich Peninsula


The development comprises 3112m2 net of sales area, plus customer WCs and on site office support. The gross area is 5110m2.

The design has employed a range of energy saving devices to limit reliance on fossil fuel in the operation of the building. These involve use of wind and solar power, and natural light for ambient store lighting in daylight conditions. The store employs passive ventilation. An on-site power generation plant supplies heating and electricity.

Water is drawn from the London chalk through two 75m deep bore holes to supply the refrigeration system, with an energy efficient method to generate cooling for frozen and chilled products. No ozone-damaging gases are used in the extensive refrigeration systems that are necessary to store the food on sale. The system uses ozone benign propane refrigerant. The water is also used to cool the store in summer, to flush the WCs and to irrigate the landscape which includes a large garden at the rear of the building.

The thermal requirements of the building are also mitigated by landscaped earth mounds and reinforced concrete walls which insulate the space.

The store is signified externally by two large totems situated opposite the front entrance, Wind turbines and solar panels generate the electricity which illuminate them.