Angell Town Phase 1

Brixton, London

Angell Town Phase 1

The involvement of residents in the redevelopment of the Angell Town housing estate has created a strong sense of community ownership. Designed by Burrell Foley Fischer.

This thoughtful Design and Build, providing 70 high quality new homes - 48 houses and 22 flats - replaces a problematic 5 storey 1970s deck access block.It cleverly lifts a failing housing area into a traditional street layout and form which re-connects the estate to the city and re-organizes the layout of the estate, creating clear fronts and backs with secure gardens, safe streets and parking areas. An extensive consultation process ensured that residents led the design and, importantly, acquired a sense of ownership. The result successfully provides light, airy homes with street level entry. While simple in design, the houses reflect the traditional character of existing terraces and villas in the area, and are sustainable in terms of building form. They are designed as 'Lifetime Homes' with a highly adaptable internal structure, using timber from renewable sources and reusing some existing services infrastructure.



Three storey building with adjacent two storeyExternal boarding will silver with ageParking courts by front doors provide possible play or socialising spaceOversized waste binsThree storey facadeSite layoutAdjacent Victorian villa-type propertiesMaterials and colours reflecting the adjacent housingHouse fronts with doors, windows and balconies facing onto public areas

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