Former RAF Staff College

Broad Lane, Bracknell

Housing development featuring 730 homes on a site in Bracknell, Berkshire. Designed by HTA Architects.

28 July 2006

Tagged with: Design review | Design review panel | Housing | South East

We think this proposal has the makings of a decent scheme, but have one major and one minor concern. Our major concern is permeability in relation to surrounding areas; there are not enough connecting routes to the 'outside world', and there are too many 'hammer head' road ends. We think this can and must be addressed. Our minor concern is the missed opportunity to create a truly elegant crescent to the north-west corner of the site. The present focus of single stacked houses onto 'backs' is not good. One option would be to arrange dwellings on either side of a street, with on-street parking and gardens behind, and a further row of houses along the diameter of the circle, so that gardens back onto gardens in a traditional way. Alternatively, a single stacked crescent of houses should be provided, looking onto communal (but not necessarily public) gardens.